Style Icons

The next 007: Who would be the best-dressed Bond?

Whether it’s Tom Hardy or Idris Elba, whoever takes on the iconic role has to look the part.

3 Oct 2020

8 things you didn’t know about Rishi Sunak 

There’s more to #dishyrishi than meets the eye.

19 Aug 2020

Should we embrace the ‘Osbornaissance’?

The Chancellor’s new girlfriend has been credited with giving him a new look but the jury’s out on the reinvention.

2 Jun 2020

Winston Churchill’s watches: how the prime minister kept time

Churchill was seldom seen without his Breguet pocket watch.

28 May 2020

Forget the Budget – who is Rishi Sunak’s tailor?

The Chancellor’s love of dad jumpers is eclipsed by first-class tailoring whenever he dons a suit.

10 Mar 2020

Prince William’s only fault? Not doing up his jacket

Despite having been in the shadow of his younger brother, the Duke of Cambridge exhibits near-perfect sartorial style.

24 Feb 2020
Frank Lampard of Chelsea

Football’s most intelligent players: from Frank Lampard to Socrates

Here’s our guide to the beautiful game’s biggest brains.

9 Feb 2020

Style sourcebook: how to recreate Virginia Woolf’s Monk’s House

Capture Virginia Woolf’s Bloomsbury group aesthetic with bold prints and painted furniture

14 Jan 2020

Winter Sun: Gentle Monster Merylnn Sunglasses, £203

Perfect protection from winter sun, whether at home or on the slopes

14 Dec 2019

Party season: Tank Copper Whisky Set, £150

With the party season in full swing, don’t let your glassware let you down

13 Dec 2019

Ready, set, go: Aesop Departure Kit, £45.00

If you’re planning a jet-set year, Aesop have put together this little pick me up travel kit to help you and your skin remain refreshed and rejuvenated en route

12 Dec 2019

Which NATO world leader has the best taste in shoes?

Why Justin Trudeau made a sartorial faux pas with his brown Oxfords

11 Dec 2019

What Prince Harry can learn from Meghan’s style

Marrying into the royal family has not made Meghan Markle any sort of chattel, as John Bercow would say, to…

2 Apr 2019

Forget London Fashion Week, head to the galleries for inspiration

As designers prepare final tucks and tweaks for London Fashion Week, we’ll soon be hearing what inspired their collections. Among…

14 Feb 2019

I’m bewitched by my watch

This year I fell in love. The object of my affection wasn’t a boy — rather a gift from one.…

28 Nov 2018
Paul Newman and his Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. PHILLIPS; KEYSTONE FRANCE VIA GETTY; GETTY

Paul Newman’s $17.8m Rolex is transforming the watch market

As prices head for the stratosphere, timepiece collectors are turning to other quality names

29 Nov 2017

Tweed – meet the new weave

This traditional fabric is suddenly cool, fashionable and sexy

29 Nov 2017

Rolex and exploration

At Rolex, we believe in the spirit of adventure that lies within each man and woman. This innate potential gives…

8 Dec 2016

Rolex and the arts

Since its inception at the beginning of the 20th century, Rolex has always encouraged individual excellence and the pursuit of…

8 Dec 2016

Rolex and Sports

For almost a century, Rolex has been associated with the quest for excellence inherent in sport. Today, Rolex is present at the most prestigious events in…

6 Dec 2016

Rolex and architecture

A Profound Synergy Just as great buildings are created by visionary architects, visionary watchmakers create watches that meet the highest…

6 Dec 2016

Heady times as the great hat revival takes off

Everyday headgear is no longer the exclusive realm of the eccentric and attention-seeking

11 Jun 2016