Angela-Missoni (photo by Olymcom Spa / Rex Features)

Missoni’s mission

When Angela Missoni was pregnant with her third child, Theresa (now 23), she told her father Tai she couldn’t go…

22 Jun 2013
Annoushka Ducas’s latest artistic collaboration at her shop in Chelsea, above, is with Nathalie Hambro

The jeweller’s art

I’m pretty sure the first thing most people do when they meet Annoushka Ducas is check out her jewellery. This…

22 Jun 2013

Windsor Without Palaces

It was only 8.30a.m., but already my shirt was catching on my dampening shoulders. That’s Florida for you, even in…

30 Mar 2013

Three Ways To Reinvent The Wheel

In time trials at the Olympics and the Tour de France, the very best cyclists in the world push themselves…

30 Mar 2013

Free Range

Our trip began at Farnborough, an almost eerily zen airport. A small girl of about five was being ushered through…

30 Mar 2013

The Write Stuff

Here’s what you should get your loved one for Christmas. 1. A nice fountain pen. 2. Philip Hensher’s The Missing…

1 Dec 2012
Katharine Hepburn dressed as a boy in the movie Sylvia Scarlett, 1935

So Macho

In an interview last year, the actress Tilda Swinton remembered, as a child, seeing her mother and father (an Army…

1 Dec 2012

F for Fabulous

Jaguars must be good-lookers. Sir William Lyons, founder of the marque, had an eye for the sleek and svelte. It…

1 Dec 2012
A very valuable wrist: Steve McQueen on the set of Le Mans wearing the Heuer Monaco

Track Times

It was a watchmaker called George Schaeren who first observed the intimacy between cars and watches. Way back in 1918,…

1 Dec 2012

The World in an Oyster

I nearly always wear pearls. When I was a little girl I had a picture of Louise Brooks on my…

22 Sep 2012

Built to Last

Sycamore House in Clapham Old Town is home to Tim Gosling and the design business that bears his name. This…

22 Sep 2012


I do not like pain on any occasion — even with pregnancy, I asked for morphine a week after I found…

22 Sep 2012

No Baggage

I got my first serious piece of luggage in 1995. I’d just started working at the New York headquarters of…

22 Sep 2012

Personality Please

Working for House & Garden, I meet interior designers on a regular basis and see new interior projects daily, either in…

23 Jun 2012

A Stitch in Time

In a few days, I’ll have been married for six months — so we’ll drain a few bottles of red,…

23 Jun 2012
Angelina Jolie with jeweller Robert Procop

Rock Stars

It started, not with a kiss, but with scent. Celebrities ‘created’ ‘perfumes’ aimed at their fan bases. The result being…

23 Jun 2012

Primogeniture Chic

If David Cameron seems at his most impassioned when praisingBritish entrepreneurs, it’s because he has two women very clearly in…

31 Mar 2012
Sean Connery shopping for clothes in 1967. These days James Bond would buy his knitted silk ties online

Of Mice and Menswear

Of the many sorrows bestowed upon man at the Fall, the most tiresome was his sudden compulsion to wear clothes.…

31 Mar 2012
Timeless: Vacheron Constantin’s Historiques Ultra-fine 1968

Heart on Sleeve

My father recently gave me one of his dress watches, one I’d never seen him wear other than in photographs…

31 Mar 2012