The best of Notting Hill – now in Shepherd’s Bush

It isn’t just Westfield that has transformed W12

30 Nov 2015

Is inflation really a thing of the past?

The editor of Money Week re-reads When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson

26 Sep 2015

A toast to grape Britain

A Prosecco shortage? Maybe try Grape Britain.

23 Jun 2015
A Frank Gehry building at Paddy McKillen’s architectural theme park in Provence

The house collectors

Gathering bricks and mortar, rather than oil and canvas.

20 Jun 2015

Buck fizz

Surely it should be OK to dislike Champagne?

20 Jun 2015

Glass distinction

Was it the Russians? The Saudis? Or Elton John, who once received a florist’s bill for £293,000? Someone’s to blame…

28 Mar 2015
Dahlia’s design for a plane bed

Wings of desire

When Lewis Carroll created Alice’s wonderland, he sent his diminutive heroine down rabbit holes and through looking glasses and in…

28 Mar 2015
Lotus has now made the car that featured in The Spy Who Loved Me a reality

Future Shop

Believe it or not, the concept of the future is a recent phenomenon. Sure, the past offers up one or…

30 Nov 2014

The Pick-up artists

You know how it is. You’re on holiday in the south of France, soaking up the rays and the fizz,…

30 Nov 2014

Driven by instinct

I first discovered Moravec’s Paradox when watching Brief Encounter on television. I was watching the film with my daughter, who…

30 Nov 2014
Prince’s Lodge at the Connaught hotel

Inside man

Fera, the restaurant that opened at Claridge’s this spring, looks at first glance like a space untouched since the 1930s:…

30 Nov 2014
Big Ben, 1959

Ding Dong!

In the 21st-century world of hand-held infotainment devices which pack more computing power than the space rockets of yore, the…

30 Nov 2014

Patron Saints

The Spanish Steps; the Trevi fountain; the old Cinecittà studios on the outskirts of Rome; 12 galleries of the Uffizi; Tintoretto frescoes…

30 Nov 2014
Vallée de Joux

Cows and clockwork

In a cosy attic above Junod, Lausanne’s oldest watch shop, there’s a museum which charts the story of Switzerland’s obsessive…

30 Nov 2014
Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger with Tom Parker Bowles and Mehmet Kurt

Smoke ring

The nominees for Spectator Cigar Smoker of the Year 2014 were: Ricky Gervais, Ralph Fiennes, Laurence Fishburne, Boris Becker, Jeremy…

30 Nov 2014
One of the five Jaguar C-X75s ever built.

Batteries Included

Boris, like Churchill, is a fountain of big ideas, some good, some not so good, some plain bonkers. Banning diesel…

20 Sep 2014
The Rooftop Film Club on top of the Bussey Building in Peckham

Moving pictures

For a little while in the middle of the last decade, I was proud to be able to call myself…

21 Jun 2014

Trouble Building

On the first-floor landing of my new house stood Martin the structural engineer, giving an inch-wide crack the sort of…

21 Jun 2014

Perfectly Suited

The last time I had seen Peter Mandelson had been at a dinner given by Evgeny Lebedev. This was at…

21 Jun 2014

Out & About

1. Fera, Mayfair Fera, designed by Guy Oliver, is Claridge’s star vehicle for Michelin-starred Simon Rogan. The name means ‘wild’…

21 Jun 2014

Escape from deco hell

When the ceiling in our sitting room fell down last month, we descended with the thudding plaster and the lathe…

30 Mar 2014

Maker’s marques

Back in the pre-war era, cars were invariably bought in the form of a naked chassis for which a specialist…

30 Mar 2014

Smoke rings

Despite the draconian smoking bans which have come in across Europe over the last decade or so, cigar smoking is…

30 Nov 2013

Small audio dynamite

Not long ago, the Fawn came about as close as she ever has done to crossing the red line marked…

30 Nov 2013

Clothes force

Like many men, I’ve never got used to the idea that Mother doesn’t dress me any more. I tried in my…

30 Nov 2013

Dream machine

The fear began as soon as my bum settled into the leather seat. It rose from my foot to my…

30 Nov 2013