Seven poetry collections every child should read

A novel is like a long, warm drink, but a poem is a spike through the head

19 Oct 2020

Will schools have learnt the lessons of lockdown?

My 12-year-old’s school offered a digital timetable and pace of teaching just as ambitious as it was pre-lockdown

3 Sep 2020

In praise of ‘useless’ knowledge

Yes, it’s useful to know about health, sex and computers when you’re a grown-up. But these are things you learn about anyway

3 Sep 2020

What children should read

The other day I found my Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and, whoosh, I was back in my five-year-old self

3 Sep 2020

The school trip that saved my life

He marched us up to the top of a hill, produced a rifle and let us take it in turns to fire into the storm

3 Sep 2020

Ardingly College – academic excellence continues

In association with Ardingly College At Ardingly College, our success speaks for itself. Not only through our students’ high academic…

3 Sep 2020

Langoustine after lacrosse? How post-match teas got posh

Savvy Bradfield College parents time their arrival to coincide with the petits fours and at Marlborough langoustine have been spotted on the salad bar

3 Sep 2020

Why a music conservatoire is tougher than Cambridge

Music conservatoire is where I discovered the most crucial lesson of all: how to learn

3 Sep 2020

Home school club: can you get this Bill Gates maths joke?

Six subject-based facts to liven up your lockdown learning.

27 May 2020

Home school club: who coined the word ‘pandemonium’?

And which composer made his coffee with exactly sixty beans? Mark Mason livens up home school with six subject-based facts.

20 May 2020

Home school club: why did the Apollo 11 flag “flap” on the moon?

And what is an ampersand? Mark Mason livens up home learning with these subject-based facts.

13 May 2020

Home school club: what is a pangram?

Liven up your child’s learning with these six subject-based facts.

6 May 2020

Home school club: why did Chopin sleep with wooden wedges between his fingers?

Mark Mason shakes up home school with some fun subject-based facts.

30 Apr 2020

Ahead of the game

In association with Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill At the bilingual Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, up-to-date technology…

Homework club: which mathematical term inspired the name Google?

Liven up home school with these fun facts.

22 Apr 2020

Back to home school: how to motivate your kids after the Easter break

Top tips from a teacher on how to shift gear from holidays to term time.

20 Apr 2020

Homework club: why do flower petals follow the Fibonacci sequence?

Mark Mason livens up your lockdown learning with these fun facts.

14 Apr 2020

Homework club: which three U.S. presidents died on July 4th?

And where does the word ‘koala’ come from? Mark Mason helps you liven up home school with these fun facts.

1 Apr 2020

The best online resources to use for home school

From Eton College’s self-study courses to piano lessons with Myleene Klass, we have your home schooling needs sorted.

30 Mar 2020

Home school is testing my mental agility more than I’d like

How do I explain what a hyphen is to my four year old?

26 Mar 2020

Homework club: liven up your child’s learning with these fun facts

The Eiffel Tower grows six inches in summer and the word ‘canter’ comes from “Canterbury”.

24 Mar 2020

Learning in lockdown: how will coronavirus change teaching?

As schools begin remote teaching, Alice Trench shares the challenges faced by her London comprehensive pupils

23 Mar 2020

School report: a round-up of recent stories from the front line in education

A cabinet reshuffle, sex education and single-sex debate

12 Mar 2020

Talking heads: Tonbridge’s James Priory on Saturday classes and single-sex education

An interview with the head of the 467-year-old boys’ school

12 Mar 2020

Is school sport in danger of becoming too professional?

It’s no longer the taking part that counts

12 Mar 2020

The battle for the finest cathedral choir in the Catholic church

Westminster Cathedral Choir School is embroiled in the nastiest row in its 118-year history

12 Mar 2020