The best online resources to use for home school

From Eton College’s self-study courses to piano lessons with Myleene Klass, we have your home schooling needs sorted.

30 Mar 2020

Home school is testing my mental agility more than I’d like

How do I explain what a hyphen is to my four year old?

26 Mar 2020

Homework club: liven up your child’s learning with these fun facts

The Eiffel Tower grows six inches in summer and the word ‘canter’ comes from “Canterbury”.

24 Mar 2020

Learning in lockdown: how will coronavirus change teaching?

As schools begin remote teaching, Alice Trench shares the challenges faced by her London comprehensive pupils

23 Mar 2020

School report: a round-up of recent stories from the front line in education

A cabinet reshuffle, sex education and single-sex debate

12 Mar 2020

Talking heads: Tonbridge’s James Priory on Saturday classes and single-sex education

An interview with the head of the 467-year-old boys’ school

12 Mar 2020

Is school sport in danger of becoming too professional?

It’s no longer the taking part that counts

12 Mar 2020

The battle for the finest cathedral choir in the Catholic church

Westminster Cathedral Choir School is embroiled in the nastiest row in its 118-year history

12 Mar 2020

Has the school facilities arms race gone too far?

Spending has soared – and so have fees

12 Mar 2020

Should lessons on sex and religion take parents’ wishes into account?

In Wales, the classes will soon be compulsory whether parents like it or not

12 Mar 2020

How a school trip turned into a daylight robbery

The exit through the gift shop swiftly degenerated into an adolescent orgy of shoplifting

12 Mar 2020

How to steer your child into higher education

Insider advice from the former head of UCAS

12 Mar 2020

The rise of the countryside as a classroom

A growing number of initiatives are helping city children get in touch with the outdoors

12 Mar 2020

A charity’s quest to teach classics in deprived schools

A subject can’t be ‘elitist’ – as students of Latin would know

12 Mar 2020
The Winklevoss Twins are graduates of Oxford's Said business school (Getty)

How Oxbridge PhDs became the preserve of the super-rich

Attend a PhD mixer at an Oxbridge college and it’s like a United Nations for the 1 per cent

28 Feb 2020

The unsavoury truth behind Oxbridge admission figures

Why disadvantaged Oxbridge applicants are still missing out

21 Feb 2020

Why boys should dance

More boys should follow the example of Prince George and take up dance

4 Nov 2019

England’s Kyle Sinckler shows why school sport should not be sidelined

The government’s squeeze on PE funding means fewer state-educated children will make the top teams

24 Oct 2019

How to survive the Eleven Plus: a parents’ foolproof guide

Easy ways to stop you – and your child – from feeling the strain

4 Sep 2019

The rise of the flexi-boarder

Is part-time boarding a fad, or here to stay?

4 Sep 2019

Why we must start taxing private schools

We need to put downward pressure on private school fees, and up the expenditure in the state sector

4 Sep 2019

Can the school magazine survive the social media age?

Publications by pupils have been part of the fabric of Britain’s schools for decades

4 Sep 2019

Unconditional offers, GCSE gaps and climate change protests

A round-up of recent stories from the front line in education

4 Sep 2019

Talking heads: Roedean’s Oliver Blond on etiquette lessons and luxury boarding houses

An interview with the head of the 134-year-old girls’ boarding school

4 Sep 2019

Snapshots of four notable schools

Stoke Newington School, Howell’s School Llandaff, Lancing School and Giggleswick School

4 Sep 2019