Why boys should dance

More boys should follow the example of Prince George and take up dance

4 Nov 2019

England’s Kyle Sinckler shows why school sport should not be sidelined

The government’s squeeze on PE funding means fewer state-educated children will make the top teams

24 Oct 2019

How to survive the Eleven Plus: a parents’ foolproof guide

Easy ways to stop you – and your child – from feeling the strain

4 Sep 2019

The rise of the flexi-boarder

Is part-time boarding a fad, or here to stay?

4 Sep 2019

Why we must start taxing private schools

We need to put downward pressure on private school fees, and up the expenditure in the state sector

4 Sep 2019

Can the school magazine survive the social media age?

Publications by pupils have been part of the fabric of Britain’s schools for decades

4 Sep 2019

Unconditional offers, GCSE gaps and climate change protests

A round-up of recent stories from the front line in education

4 Sep 2019

Talking heads: Roedean’s Oliver Blond on etiquette lessons and luxury boarding houses

An interview with the head of the 134-year-old girls’ boarding school

4 Sep 2019

Snapshots of four notable schools

Stoke Newington School, Howell’s School Llandaff, Lancing School and Giggleswick School

4 Sep 2019

Too cool for school: beware ‘trendy’ teachers

They are not the ones we end up remembering with affection

4 Sep 2019

Learning the ropes on my school’s yacht

My school owned a boat. And not some dinghy or fibreglass pleasure craft either: Jolie Brise — the name was…

4 Sep 2019

School houses are utterly ruthless – and utterly rewarding

They provide camaraderie, challenges – and a healthy dose of ruthless competition

4 Sep 2019