Tom Kerridge: ‘I was a latchkey kid’

Chef and food writer Tom Kerridge talks to Lara and Olivia about the joy of corn beef and growing up on free school meals.

5 Jan 2021

Henry Jeffreys: ‘I learnt to cook to impress girls’

Lara and Livvy chat to Henry about wine, crumble and being ‘portly’ at university.

9 Dec 2020

Pen Vogler: ‘Tastes help me unpick the past’

The food historian chats about trying vegetarianism and the rise of the avocado

3 Dec 2020

Sharmadean Reid: ‘I was too focused on school for cooking’

The founder of Beautystack talks to Lara and Olivia about her life through the lens of food.

19 Nov 2020

Olia Hercules: ‘It took a while to adapt to British ingredients’

Olia talks about her love of Cypriot food and growing up with Ukrainian cooking.

4 Nov 2020

Dolly Alderton: ‘I fall in love through food’

The author chats to Lara and Livvy about why food can make or break a romance.

21 Oct 2020

Table Talk with Skye McAlpine – plus a limoncello syllabub recipe

The Sunday Times columnist and cookbook author sits down with Lara and Live to discuss her favourite dishes.

20 Jul 2020

Table talk with Rory Sutherland – plus a breakfast kedgeree recipe

The Spectator’s ‘Wiki Man’ columnist shares the dishes and cuisines that have influenced him most.

30 Jun 2020

That’s Life with Leo Kearse

The award-winning Scottish comedian joins us for a sideways look at the news.

23 Jun 2020

Table Talk with Greta Bellamacina, plus a lamb vindaloo recipe

The actress and poet talks about her favourite Indian restaurant and what it was like on the Harry Potter set.

15 Jun 2020

Podcast: Table Talk with Rhik Samadder (plus a blueberry pancakes recipe)

Food writer Rhik Samadder shares how he grew up on frozen pancakes and we show you how to cook your own from scratch.

2 Jun 2020

Podcast: That’s Life with Vanity von Glow

The outspoken drag queen joins us for a sideways look at what’s been going on in the news.

1 Jun 2020

That’s Life with Toby Young

Social commentator Toby Young joins Spectator Life’s satirists to take a sideways look at the news.

7 May 2020

That’s Life with Andrew Doyle

Spectator Life’s satirical writers take a sideways look at the news with Titania McGrath creator Andrew Doyle.

2 Apr 2020

That’s Life with Julia Hartley-Brewer

The journalist and TalkRadio host joins us for a sideways look at the news agenda.

18 Feb 2020

That’s Life with comedian Konstantin Kisin

Are we witnessing the end of woke-ism and why did the public love Laurence Fox on Question Time? Konstantin joins Spectator Life’s satirists Andy Shaw and Benedict Spence for a sideways look at the news.

29 Jan 2020

Table Talk with Mark Diacono

Mark Diancono talks to Lara and Olivia about how he turned 17 acres of land into a farm producing Szechuan peppers, mulberries and more.

25 Jan 2020

Podcast: Table Talk with Prue Leith

Prue Leith on the worst cake she ever made, why she hates washing up, and what she takes away from The Great British Bake Off

8 Jan 2020

Podcast: Table Talk with Kate Young

Kate Young is a food writer and chef, whose cookbooks take recipe inspiration from literary classics, recreating favourite dishes of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and more

6 Jan 2020

Table Talk: with Max Pemberton

The Daily Mail columnist and medical doctor discusses the cult of clean eating

4 Dec 2019

That’s Life with comedian Geoff Norcott

Geoff talks to us about Prince Andrew, self-partnering and coming out as a right-wing comic

27 Nov 2019

Table Talk podcast with Jessie Burton

Lara and Livi sit down with bestselling author of The Miniaturist to talk about packed lunches and marzipan

24 Sep 2019

That’s Life with comedian Simon Evans

Tune in for a sideways look at the people, ideas and events that have shaped the recent news agenda.

23 Sep 2019

Table Talk podcast with Kavi and Shamil Thakrar

Kavi and Shamil Thakrar cofounded Dishoom. They to Livi and Lara about Bombay street food and the great British curry house

13 Sep 2019

Table Talk podcast with Jose Pizarro

Lara Prendergast and Olivia Potts talk to Spanish chef Jose Pizarro about growing up on a farm and his love of sherry

23 Aug 2019

Table Talk with Jeremy King

Jeremy King is behind some of the most iconic restaurants in London, including The Ivy, The Delauney, and Fischers. In this episode, he talks about why he left banking for hospitality…

16 Aug 2019