The Good Life: 8 farmhouses worth leaving the city for

Our pick of the best rural properties on the market for under £700,000.

5 Mar 2020

The best bank cards to use abroad

We show you how to make your travel money go further.

5 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: will the markets fall further?

This week has been a reminder of how the sharpest falls in the stock market are often followed by the sharpest gains.

4 Mar 2020

Should you buy your car outright or use car finance?

Car finance schemes are increasingly popular but do they offer value for money?

2 Mar 2020

Why stamp duty could and should be cut

The tax has been jacked up so often that it’s no wonder so few of us want to move house.

27 Feb 2020

The best apps for mobile banking

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to nifty saving hacks and easy transfers.

26 Feb 2020

What to look for when buying a new build home

Growing numbers of buyers are opting for high-spec new builds over period properties. Here’s how to get a good deal.

20 Feb 2020

Will pension tax relief be abolished?

Boris Johnson is said to have gone cool on proposals for a mansion tax following negative comment from aggrieved mansion-owners.…

19 Feb 2020
Guild Cottage, The Lee, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Where to buy property in Buckinghamshire

Enviably close to London yet with rural charm, Buckinghamshire is a top choice for those looking to relocate.

13 Feb 2020

The ‘mansion tax’ will be worth it if stamp duty is slashed

If the government uses the extra revenue to slash stamp duty it could give first time buyers a welcome leg-up.

12 Feb 2020

Dear James: How do I save for a deposit on a house?

In a high-rent environment it can be difficult to save. James Max shares 12 tips for putting money aside each month.

10 Feb 2020

Where to buy property on the new Elizabeth tube line

Delays to Crossrail have caused prices to fall, creating the ideal opportunity to snap up property.

6 Feb 2020
The Lexus LF-30 Electric concept car on display at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

The petrol car ban could make motoring the preserve of the wealthy

Why the government’s new policy will push up prices for ordinary road users.

5 Feb 2020

Where to buy property in Cambridge

Aside from cultural charm, Cambridge boasts fast train links into London and its tech jobs boom is drawing increasing numbers of Londoners out of the capital. Here’s where to buy.

29 Jan 2020

Coronavirus has spooked the markets: is now the time to invest?

SARS and H5N1 avian flu caused mass panic, just like coronavirus, yet both disappeared from public consciousness just as quickly as they arrived.

28 Jan 2020

Will house prices rise after Brexit?

There’s arguably never been a better time to buy a house but is talk of a post-Brexit property boom overrated?

23 Jan 2020

Where to invest in the property market in 2020

Look in commuter towns and along the new Elizabeth underground line for property that will grow in value.

22 Jan 2020

The best investment apps for financial novices

It’s easier than ever to invest directly from your phone and, with ISAs delivering poor returns, increasing numbers of savers are becoming investors.

20 Jan 2020

Will pension tax relief be reformed this year?

Expected reforms to the tax on doctors’ pensions may well trigger a better deal for other workers.

17 Jan 2020

Why cut-price local homes could be bad news for first time buyers

the new policy might seem attractive but it comes with hidden catches that could hamper first time buyers when it’s time for them to sell up.

16 Jan 2020

Should you invest in start ups?

Start up success stories such as Monzo and BrewDog might tempt us to invest but what are the chances of a return on a new company?

13 Jan 2020

Why 2019 wasn’t the ‘worst year on record’ for retailers

Changes in the way we shop mean last year’s retail figures are deceptive.

9 Jan 2020

Where to buy property in France

With French property prices substantially lower than in Britain, we explore the regions best suited to a continental bolthole

9 Jan 2020

What will happen to the markets in 2020?

From British infrastructure to companies that trade heavily with the US, would-be investors should be led by geopolitics this year.

8 Jan 2020

The Internet of Things: how safe are your smart devices?

Smart devices offer us state of the art convenience in our homes but they also make us vulnerable to hacking

6 Jan 2020

Where to buy property in Somerset

Home to the British behemoths of Bristol and Bath, Somerset combines big city living with rural charm

31 Dec 2019