What will happen to the markets in 2020?

From British infrastructure to companies that trade heavily with the US, would-be investors should be led by geopolitics this year.

8 Jan 2020

The Internet of Things: how safe are your smart devices?

Smart devices offer us state of the art convenience in our homes but they also make us vulnerable to hacking

6 Jan 2020

Where to buy property in Somerset

Home to the British behemoths of Bristol and Bath, Somerset combines big city living with rural charm

31 Dec 2019

Where to buy property in Hertfordshire

 Back to the home counties in our most liveable counties series this month. We’re looking at Hertfordshire. Being so close…

24 Dec 2019

Where to buy property within an hour of London

Forgo the capital for one of its easy commuter hubs

18 Dec 2019

Dear James: should I sell up and move out of London?

James Max solves your work and money dilemmas

12 Dec 2019

Are UK markets heading for a ‘Boris Bounce’?

It would be somewhat odd if UK markets did not rise sharply on Friday morning if the Conservatives win

10 Dec 2019

Did the Tories mean to ban all leaseholds in their manifesto?

Even if It was a promise made in error, a comprehensive leasehold ban would bring us up to speed with other countries

4 Dec 2019

Where to buy property in Hampshire

The home of Jane Austen boasts picturesque villages and sailors’ boltholes, all within a reasonable commute of London

3 Dec 2019

A US-UK free trade agreement will bring benefits on both sides of the Atlantic

Drugs, food, drink, fashion and media will all benefit from a US-UK trade deal

28 Nov 2019

What does our growing appetite for veganism mean for the markets?

The popularity of meat-free products is changing the food industry, says Robert Jackman

28 Nov 2019

Labour’s ‘Warm Homes For All’ scheme is a load of hot air

‘Green crap’ was David Cameron’s memorable verdict on his own government’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of UK homes,…

28 Nov 2019

‘Fire’ may let you retire early, but it’s a miserable way to live

With four cats and two children to feed, I’m not very Fire. But then I am not sure I want…

28 Nov 2019

Will the Conservatives’ housing plans work for first-time buyers?

The promise of long-term mortgages and discounted homes comes with a catch

27 Nov 2019

Dear James: is part exchange a good way to sell my home?

Part-exchange offers a speedy sale but not necessarily value. James Max solves your money, work and property dilemmas.

25 Nov 2019

Why we shouldn’t be forced to go cash free

Electronic payments make us more vulnerable to system failures and consumers are easier to track

20 Nov 2019

The best commuter towns close to London

As increasing numbers of home buyers look to escape London, we bring you our guide to the best towns within touching distance of the capital

19 Nov 2019

Will the Conservatives deliver a ban on leaseholds?

Boris Johnson has gone quiet on leasehold reform, which would help aspirant young people with sky-rocketing rents

14 Nov 2019

Dear James: should I wait until after Brexit to sell my home?

James Max answers your money and property dilemmas

11 Nov 2019

Are we really in the middle of a property market crash?

The slump in West London house prices is not necessarily indicative of the rest of the UK

7 Nov 2019

Should you choose an equity release mortgage?

The equity release market is booming but what are the catches?

5 Nov 2019

How to protect your investments from a Corbyn victory

The odds may only be 9-1 but we should all be hedging against a Corbyn win

31 Oct 2019

Dear James: how do I negotiate a promotion at work?

Getting promoted internally can prove tricky when you’ve been in the same role for a while. James Max solves your money and work problems.

30 Oct 2019

The top five regions where location adds the most value to your home

Research reveals the UK areas where location accounts for the biggest slice of a home’s value

29 Oct 2019

Where to buy property in London

We analyse the areas of the capital most and least likely to give you a return on your investment

25 Oct 2019

What will happen to markets if a Brexit deal is passed?

Any notion of a Brexit bounce has to be weighed against the backdrop of a deteriorating global economy

23 Oct 2019