The six best commuter villages close to London

Staring into a stranger’s armpit on a rush-hour tube train can often lead to thoughts of moving to a tiny…

22 Aug 2019

Is mobile banking app Monzo too good to be true?

Londoners have fallen in love with trendy Monzo but can it expand beyond everyday banking?

19 Aug 2019

How to build your own house

The housing market has reached a summer lull and many are blaming Brexit. But how easy is it to build your own property in the current climate?

5 Aug 2019

Six things millennials need to know before applying for a mortgage

Getting a mortgage is a long and strenuous process so here’s how to maximise your chances of success

2 Aug 2019

We test drive cars so why not houses?

Buying a house is the most important financial decision of your life. Surely we need more than a half-hour viewing to make up our minds.

25 Jul 2019

Is a change of prime minister good for the markets?

If Boris Johnson’s premiership follows recent historical trends, it should boost the markets

24 Jul 2019

Could our love of quick credit come back to haunt us?

There’s a cost to our increasingly credit dependent lives and lenders are taking full advantage

24 Jul 2019

How to sell your home in a tough market

Follow these 8 steps to beat all the talk of a bad market and sell your home quickly

23 Jul 2019

Labour’s leasehold plans won’t help modest earners

For all his socialist talk, Corbyn has a habit of announcing policies that will benefit the rich. His leasehold reforms are no exception

9 Jul 2019

The best cities for buying property outside London

As more and more home buyers look to escape the capital, we explore the up and coming alternatives to London

9 Jul 2019

The tragic court case that reveals why you must make a will

If ever there was a tale that should remind you of the advantages of drawing up a will it is…

27 Jun 2019

How would Labour’s proposed tax grab affect your home?

Labour’s tax plans would mark the most radical shake up of the property market since just after the Second World War. So how can you insulate yourself and your home against a possible Corbyn government?

25 Jun 2019

Will Neil Woodford’s downfall be repeated?

As Neil Woodford shows, fund managers’ luck runs out all too often

21 Jun 2019

How to bet on the Tory leadership race

Think you can predict the Tory leadership race? Why not place a bet on it? If pub gossip is anything…

12 Jun 2019

Labour’s water nationalisation plans can only spell disaster

Labour’s plans to renationalise National Grid, revealed last week, show to what lengths Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell will go…

25 May 2019

Why you shouldn’t hate the little guys who buy-to-let

Most industries have long since been seized by the big guys. Look at coffee shops, once a tapestry of micro…

25 May 2019

The green rush: should you invest in cannabis?

How big is the legal cannabis industry? Every time I think I’ve seen the highest estimate along comes another breathless…

25 May 2019

Everything you’ve heard about millennials and money is wrong

Millennials are often portrayed as wasting their earnings on soya vanilla lattes and Instagrammable holidays in exotic locations. A Barclays…

25 May 2019
Extinction Rebellion protestors in Piccadilly last month

Boycotting energy companies won’t solve climate change

They pollute the planet. They are turning global warming into a catastrophe. And they are taking humanity to the brink…

25 May 2019

Good as gold? Ethical investing is not the no-brainer it seems

The 1980 cult film The Blues Brothers focuses on Jake and Elwood’s quest to save their convent orphanage by raising…

2 Mar 2019

Believe in the post-Brexit bounce

There will be some slightly heavy traffic on the M20. A Waitrose somewhere will run out of freshly cut Dutch-grown…

2 Mar 2019

Whatever happened to the Brexit property crash?

Whatever happened to the great Brexit property crash? The stock market has been pummelled on occasion since the referendum in…

2 Mar 2019

Has the tide turned on emerging markets?

Knowing that stock markets have had a turbulent time recently, I looked up my investments online to discover that some…

2 Mar 2019

Making Tax Digital – and more difficult: HMRC’s new ruse

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I have nothing but respect for Her Majesty’s Revenue &…

2 Mar 2019

The case of the disappearing bitcoin

Imagine that you lost the keys to your house and neither locksmith nor fire brigade with battering ram could pick…

2 Mar 2019

Don’t despair – there’s hope for the high street yet

Business rates keep rising. The online giants keep on expanding. The living wage has pushed up staff costs in what…

1 Dec 2018