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Spot the talent: Nick D’Aloisio in 2013, after selling his app to Yahoo! at the age of 17

Angels and unicorns

‘There’s definitely more money than talent out there.’ That’s the view of one seasoned London tech investor, and it presents…

7 Mar 2015
Save for a home I’ll never afford? I’d rather go shopping

Generation Spendthrift

Your first pay packet, in your first ‘proper’ job, almost seems like a miracle. So much money, coming straight into…

7 Mar 2015
Diappointing vintage: the 2011 harvest in Bordeaux

Beware Bordelais greed

Alternative investment » Wine The world of wine investment has certainly changed since I last wrote about it for The…

Voyage of adventure

‘Better to be a pirate than join the navy’: the words of Apple founder Steve Jobs and an appropriate motto…

8 Nov 2014
Why not try it at home? Do-it-yourself banking is a growth market

Turn yourself into a bank

Hard-pressed savers in search of decent rates of return are increasingly turning to the world of ‘alternative finance’. In the…

8 Nov 2014
Greet the dawn: Tokyo’s future looks rosier

Land of Rising Prospects

Tucked into an office above a Sainsbury’s Local in a quiet street in York, the GLG Japan Core Alpha team…

8 Nov 2014
Jack Ma of Alibaba: a new corporate rock star

Alibaba’s secrets

By any measure, the listing of Alibaba Group on the New York Stock Exchange in September was a whopper. It…

8 Nov 2014

The death of bonds

Bonds are meant to be boring. Yet lately the world’s most unexciting asset class has been anything but. At the…

8 Nov 2014
Stout: ‘Let the banks go bust and start again’

Interview: Economic vandalism

As both P.G. Wodehouse and the recent referendum reminded us, it is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with…

8 Nov 2014
That’ll do nicely — but today’s black cards carry more kudos

Cards that choose you

When I was quite a lot younger, I was seriously impressed by a friend’s bank card. It wasn’t the fact…

8 Nov 2014