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Pensions: the gender gap

It’s a fact of life that women save less for their old age than men do — and it’s the…

30 Sep 2017
Bangkok’s MahaNakhon skyscraper, Thailand’s tallest building

The Tigers reawaken

Cast your mind back 20 years, to a very different world. It’s 1997: Bill Clinton is in his second term,…

30 Sep 2017

The ultra-fast broadband race

‘Telecommunications’ is not the perfect name for the transmission of data at speeds that the late Mr Alexander Graham Bell…

30 Sep 2017

Gold is still the safest haven

In times as alarming as these — with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump waving nuclear weapons at each other…

30 Sep 2017

Can Macron deliver for investors?

An intelligent and driven centrist, young yet politically wise beyond his years — and with a track-record in business too…

27 May 2017
How blockchain works

Blockchain: an investor’s guide

Blockchain is the hottest bit of jargon in the financial world and potentially the most exciting development since the invention…

27 May 2017
The Merchant of Venice: expert in spreading investment risk

Far-flung flings

Looking for something exotic, but wary of investing directly in obscure foreign or small-cap companies? Then investment trusts are your…

27 May 2017
Glenmor estate lodges at Gleneagles

Thank you for sharing

How would you like to celebrate your birthday each year at a five-star cottage alongside the Gleneagles golf course? Or…

27 May 2017

Changing gear

Factories in the north will be shuttered up. Ports will be clogged with lines of Land Rovers and Minis completing…

27 May 2017

Robin Andrews picks automotive stocks for the post-Brexit era

The challenge of finding undervalued, publicly quoted enterprises with interesting prospects in the automotive sector is, as Matthew Lynn says,…

27 May 2017
Rich pickings: successes such as Fever-Tree are fertile ground for Hargreave

Maximise your winners

Giles Hargreave has been one of the UK’s top small-cap fund managers for more than 20 years, but his stock-market…

27 May 2017

Knowing when to sell

Since getting into the business of bringing shares to your attention, it has been frustrating not to have a platform…

27 May 2017

A caviar life on a fish-finger budget

DOB: It’s almost five years since I moved to London from Yorkshire; half a decade in which I have done…

Watch out for the Trump slump

So far, so good. Wall Street was among the keenest backers of Hillary Clinton in her doomed attempt to win…

4 Mar 2017
Weaker yen, stronger companies: Japan could be the trade of the decade

Making the case for Japan

The best investment decisions are almost always those that feel most uncomfortable at the time they are made. George Soros…

4 Mar 2017
London-centric: the Crossrail project is approaching completion

Who’s selling the shovels?

Our infrastructure is at breaking point. Most governments of the past hundred years have been able to raise their glasses…

4 Mar 2017
Gold coins: a ticket to escape from wherever you are in the world

Shopping for gold

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And when the going is seriously tough — as it may…

4 Mar 2017

New year, new opportunities

 The new tax year is just a month away and changes are coming that will affect your personal finances. Some…

4 Mar 2017

Buy high

At first glance Europe’s skiing industry, much loved by its aficionados and by far the world’s most advanced, would seem…

4 Mar 2017
So hot right now: a statuary marble chimneypiece circa 1770, seen here in the sitting room of Will Fisher, owner of Jamb

How to fit out your Georgian rectory

Ah yes, escaping to the country. There comes a time when every Englishman wants to do it. Astonishing numbers of…

4 Mar 2017

How to start your own bank

How on earth do you ‘start a bank’? It sounds like a nigh-on impossible project. Yet in the past few…

4 Mar 2017

Skin in the game

Terry Smith is in the news again. Not for being a Brexiteer — though he’s been committed to that cause…

26 Nov 2016

Why aren’t we talking about China?

Every year in October, a group of investors, bankers and world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the year that…

26 Nov 2016

Investing with a purpose

Millennials: there are 160 million of them in the US and Europe. They will comprise three quarters of the global…

26 Nov 2016

Perfect pitch

As someone who’s passionate about the power of compelling speech, there is nothing I hate more than watching somebody blow…

26 Nov 2016
Self-building for a secure old age: Winston Churchill was a skilled amateur bricklayer

Grand designs for retirement

The near-abolition of tax on savings income was one of George Osborne’s less-noticed legacies. A shareholder can now receive £5,000…

26 Nov 2016