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So hot right now: a statuary marble chimneypiece circa 1770, seen here in the sitting room of Will Fisher, owner of Jamb

How to fit out your Georgian rectory

Ah yes, escaping to the country. There comes a time when every Englishman wants to do it. Astonishing numbers of…

4 Mar 2017

How to start your own bank

How on earth do you ‘start a bank’? It sounds like a nigh-on impossible project. Yet in the past few…

4 Mar 2017

Skin in the game

Terry Smith is in the news again. Not for being a Brexiteer — though he’s been committed to that cause…

26 Nov 2016

Why aren’t we talking about China?

Every year in October, a group of investors, bankers and world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the year that…

26 Nov 2016

Investing with a purpose

Millennials: there are 160 million of them in the US and Europe. They will comprise three quarters of the global…

26 Nov 2016

Perfect pitch

As someone who’s passionate about the power of compelling speech, there is nothing I hate more than watching somebody blow…

26 Nov 2016
Self-building for a secure old age: Winston Churchill was a skilled amateur bricklayer

Grand designs for retirement

The near-abolition of tax on savings income was one of George Osborne’s less-noticed legacies. A shareholder can now receive £5,000…

26 Nov 2016

Healthy finances

Any medically or technically unqualified investor who dips a toe into the pharma and healthcare sector should do so with…

26 Nov 2016
Muscle bound: Kim Kardashian in Paris with bodyguard Pascal Duvier — but without her jewellery

Protect your assets

Kim Kardashian normally hits the headlines for posting revealing selfies on social media, or simply turning up at nightclubs. But…

26 Nov 2016
Acceleration: models tipped to rise in value include the Sunbeam Tiger Alpine

Vroom for manoeuvre

In 1978 my grandfather offered to sell my father his maroon Aston Martin DB5 for £4,000. They were about to…

26 Nov 2016
As the Vulcans say, ‘Live long and prosper’: trend-following offers one way to do so

Techniques to beat the market

To say that we are in some kind of ‘new normal’ investment environment barely does justice to the surreal state…

Sterling attraction: markets have given the UK the kind of exchange rate other central banks pray for

A time for optimism

The Brexit referendum has changed everything — at least politically. A new Prime Minister, a new Chancellor and a new…

1 Oct 2016
Onwards and upwards: an end to Brexit uncertainty has boosted market conditions for housebuilders

The post-Brexit building boom

Interest rates rocketing back to 1990s levels. Foreign investment funds fleeing for Frankfurt and Paris. The pound in free-fall, and…

1 Oct 2016
Don’t overlook ‘the positive all-round story’ of India: set to grow at 7 per cent per annum this year and next

Sifting for gems amid fading growth

The aura that once surrounded emerging -markets has dimmed lately. Of the original ‘Bric’ nations, the group that were supposed…

1 Oct 2016

Power plays

All eyes are on North Korea. Not as an investment opportunity, I hasten to say, but as a nuclear threat,…

1 Oct 2016
Niche themes: ETFs can offer investors exposure to robotics and artificial intelligence

Plain vanilla – or too hot to handle?

‘Are they vanilla?’ is the first question you should ask about ETFs, or exchange-traded funds: so says veteran multi-family office…

History’s handwritten treasures

The collection and display of the written word has long been a symbol of prosperity and prestige. From the Great…

1 Oct 2016
What goes up: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket is also capable of landing and being reused

The new space race

Imagine you were lucky enough to assemble Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon; Paul Allen, co-founder with Bill Gates of Microsoft;…

21 May 2016
Adapting to demographics: Harley-Davidson ‘hogs’ now have heated seats for older riders

Older means richer

I was having my hair cut when I first heard the term. Roxanne (pierced nose, two years out of ‘uni’)…

21 May 2016

Make your wealth last longer

We’re all getting older. We’ve just celebrated the Queen’s 90th as a very special occasion, yet by 2027 there will…

21 May 2016

The next level

Everyone recalls the outstretched finger of Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, who died 100 years ago next month. ‘Your country needs…

21 May 2016
Fashion is fickle: but Asos has been a long-term hold for Hargreave Hale

Aiming high

Aim — originally the Alternative Investment Market — is a curious entity that understandably excites conflicting responses. Since its launch…

21 May 2016

Sell in May?

‘Sell in May and go away,’ says an old stock-market maxim. Despite mixed historical evidence, that advice is worth pondering…

21 May 2016

Sane investing in a crazy world

The financial markets would appear to have gone mad. One third of all government bonds now trade with a negative…

21 May 2016
‘Shall we have it all melted down, dear?’ One expert says antique silver has become an ‘awful’ investment

Silver linings

Now might be a good time to add some silver to your portfolio. Silver is the poor relation of gold…

21 May 2016
Pay it forward: Sir Philip Green donated the kiss from Kate Moss that he bought for £60,000 to Jemima Khan

Winning bids

The Conservative party’s Black and White Ball is a lavish, billionaire-laden affair. Tickets can cost up to £1,500, with guests…

21 May 2016