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Infamous past: The atrium at Lloyd’s London headquarters

Why being a member of Lloyd’s of London is still a risky business

As a child, the very name Lloyd’s made me shudder. I am just about old enough to remember the dark…

26 May 2018

The joys of compounding

Saving half a million pounds into a pension pot seems a goal so large and unachievable that many don’t bother.…

26 May 2018
Brilliantly repurposed: Regent’s Canal by the new Central Saint Martins art school

Back on track

We shouldn’t be so smug about how rundown the Gare du Nord is — dirty, badly planned, with some of…

26 May 2018
Beanie Babies were once an investment mania — could cannabis products go the same way?

Blowing bubbles

Do you remember the Beanie Baby crash of 1999? Chris Robinson, an actor who appeared in the TV series General…

3 Mar 2018

Merchants of doom

The collapse of Carillion has reminded the public of the existence of short-sellers: stock-market participants who benefit from falling share…

3 Mar 2018

Would you take a robot’s tip?

We are forever being told that artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to take our jobs. Is your financial advisor one…

3 Mar 2018

Coffee fix

I’ve long wanted to invest but have never known how. Buying stocks and shares or investing lump sums in blue…

3 Mar 2018
The markets react as the Dow Jones recorded its largest one-day points fall in history last month

Back to frontiers

There are several mantras that experienced investors use to guide themselves through the markets. ‘Sell in May and go away’…

3 Mar 2018
Between 1900 and 1940, a series of unstable Chinese regimes flooded global markets with bonds: this one is from 1911

Broken bonds

September’s annual IMF-World Bank meeting in Washington DC was a strange affair. Delegates fretted about Europe, about Brexit and, given…

4 Nov 2017

Will the Chancellor squeeze VCTs?

Wealthy investors have a particular reason to keep an anxious eye open for Philip Hammond’s autumn Budget on 22 November.…

4 Nov 2017

Fair shares for all

At a recent gathering of the venerable Company of Merchant Adventurers of York, I listened to a sermon on the…

4 Nov 2017

Risks and rewards of peer-to-peer loans

Early in 2016, Lord Turner of Ecchinswell — chairman of the Financial Services Authority in the years before it was…

Whiskies at the Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomond

Whiskies galore!

This summer I did some work for a family who have been in the whisky business for 200 years. They…

30 Sep 2017

Scrap this stamp duty spiral

On balance, history will be kind to George Osborne’s six years as Chancellor. He stabilised an economy that was in…

30 Sep 2017
A senior Oxbridge academic can look forward to a gold-plated, index-linked pension

Golden groves of academe

Students, here is your starter for ten. What is the current funding deficit of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the…

30 Sep 2017

Pensions: the gender gap

It’s a fact of life that women save less for their old age than men do — and it’s the…

30 Sep 2017
Bangkok’s MahaNakhon skyscraper, Thailand’s tallest building

The Tigers reawaken

Cast your mind back 20 years, to a very different world. It’s 1997: Bill Clinton is in his second term,…

30 Sep 2017

The ultra-fast broadband race

‘Telecommunications’ is not the perfect name for the transmission of data at speeds that the late Mr Alexander Graham Bell…

30 Sep 2017

Gold is still the safest haven

In times as alarming as these — with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump waving nuclear weapons at each other…

30 Sep 2017

Can Macron deliver for investors?

An intelligent and driven centrist, young yet politically wise beyond his years — and with a track-record in business too…

27 May 2017
How blockchain works

Blockchain: an investor’s guide

Blockchain is the hottest bit of jargon in the financial world and potentially the most exciting development since the invention…

27 May 2017
The Merchant of Venice: expert in spreading investment risk

Far-flung flings

Looking for something exotic, but wary of investing directly in obscure foreign or small-cap companies? Then investment trusts are your…

27 May 2017
Glenmor estate lodges at Gleneagles

Thank you for sharing

How would you like to celebrate your birthday each year at a five-star cottage alongside the Gleneagles golf course? Or…

27 May 2017

Changing gear

Factories in the north will be shuttered up. Ports will be clogged with lines of Land Rovers and Minis completing…

27 May 2017

Robin Andrews picks automotive stocks for the post-Brexit era

The challenge of finding undervalued, publicly quoted enterprises with interesting prospects in the automotive sector is, as Matthew Lynn says,…

27 May 2017
Rich pickings: successes such as Fever-Tree are fertile ground for Hargreave

Maximise your winners

Giles Hargreave has been one of the UK’s top small-cap fund managers for more than 20 years, but his stock-market…

27 May 2017