Money News

How will the markets respond to lockdown?

The mysteriously muted response so far may not last.

7 Jan 2021

It’s make-or-break time for retailers – and the economy

We are expected to see a £10 billion collapse in the value of UK Christmas shopping this year

26 Nov 2020

What virtual property viewings don’t show you

Estate agent videos don’t show you Meatloaf-loving neighbours, pig farms or a leaky roof

26 Nov 2020

Covid has left Britain printing money like never before

The more QE is used, the harder it is to stop without sparking collapse

26 Nov 2020

Why next year could bring a 1980s-style spending boom

Most forecasts for the economy are pretty grim: bankruptcies, bad debts, job losses and a massive debt hangover leave little…

26 Nov 2020

Has Monzo lost its mojo?

The banking start up beloved by millennials has had a bruising year.

16 Nov 2020

What does a Covid vaccine mean for markets?

The Covid vaccine has already sent waves through the stock markets

10 Nov 2020

Can the economy survive a second lockdown?

Government bailouts may be doing more harm than good.

4 Nov 2020

Why it might be time to purchase shares in oil again

If you are an ‘ethical’ investor sworn to do your bit to tackle climate change, you may have sold your…

29 Oct 2020

How would negative interest rates affect savings?

The Bank of England wants to encourage banks to lend but will individual savers pay the price?

14 Oct 2020

The problem with a wealth tax

The public are in favour of a wealth tax but which assets would the government single out?

8 Oct 2020

How Rishi can get the economy moving again

Targeted tax cuts to help rejuvenate business would go a long way

8 Oct 2020

Can the pension triple lock survive Covid?

A 2.5% increase in the state pension must seem generous to the workers who pay for it with taxes

8 Oct 2020

Silver linings: the asset that’s outperforming gold

The one-third rise in the price of silver in July was its strongest single month in more than 40 years

8 Oct 2020

Leasehold lunacy: what estate agents don’t tell you

When you buy leasehold you are not really buying a property at all – you are buying a long rental contract

8 Oct 2020

Can the economy survive a second lockdown?

The strong rebound of some industries after the first lockdown now hangs in the balance.

24 Sep 2020

How would a no-deal Brexit affect investors?

Britain does not necessarily need an EU trade deal to thrive post Brexit.

17 Sep 2020

What tax rises will Rishi Sunak introduce?

All eyes are on the Chancellor’s forthcoming budget.

2 Sep 2020

Why the housing market won’t collapse any time soon

Is there anything which would cause the UK housing market to enter a sustained slump? Not if the government can help it.

12 Aug 2020

Those predicting a swift economic recovery should think again

Talk of a ‘W’ shaped recovery could be premature.

23 Jul 2020

Is now the time to introduce a flat tax?

A flat tax was seen as too controversial prior to Covid but could the pandemic justify its introduction?

15 Jul 2020

Are tech stocks immune to the pandemic?

While other sectors have faced the full brunt of the Covid downturn, the tech sector seems eerily unscathed.

26 May 2020

No place but home: how Covid will change the property market

The Covid crisis will make us reassess property value, says Kate Andrews

21 May 2020

Why are US shares performing so well when the economy isn’t?

Investors remember another crisis not so long ago where buying at the bottom paid off.

21 May 2020

Taking an investment risk can be rewarding

Now that every investment company has its own online platform, it’s easy enough to buy shares directly.

21 May 2020

What help will the government give the self-employed?

As it stands, the government has protected employees of big corporations but left the self-employed high and dry.

25 Mar 2020