10 myths about moving to the country

Rural life is a shock to the system after years in the capital. Are you really ready?

14 Aug 2020

The rise of NoHo: the New York neighbourhood beloved by Gigi Hadid

Bohemian Noho has links to everyone from Andy Warhol to Taylor Swift.

13 Aug 2020

Why the housing market won’t collapse any time soon

Is there anything which would cause the UK housing market to enter a sustained slump? Not if the government can help it.

12 Aug 2020

How to move house: a step-by-step guide to selling and buying

Plenty of us have used lockdown to prepare for a move. Here’s how to secure a good deal on your home.

6 Aug 2020

How will the government’s new planning reforms affect house prices?

The government’s new proposals could backfire.

5 Aug 2020

The problem with investing in gold

Gold is not always the ‘safe haven’ that investors make it out to be.

29 Jul 2020

Princess Beatrice’s new palazzo: The story behind the Mapelli Mozzis’ family pile

Everything you need to know about the Italian palazzo near Milan which ‘Edo’ will inherit.

28 Jul 2020

Will an extension add value to your home?

Moving is an expensive business but extensions won’t always add value. Here are the pitfalls to avoid.

27 Jul 2020

Those predicting a swift economic recovery should think again

Talk of a ‘W’ shaped recovery could be premature.

23 Jul 2020

The best commuter boltholes within 90 minutes of London

Interest in homes outside the capital is soaring but where should you look?

22 Jul 2020

Should you factor in schools when buying a house?

OFSTED has a huge influence on property prices but are we right to buy into the schools hype?

20 Jul 2020

Is now the time to introduce a flat tax?

A flat tax was seen as too controversial prior to Covid but could the pandemic justify its introduction?

15 Jul 2020

Should investors be worried about the U.S. economy?

Early signs of a recovery have been encouraging but we are a long way off a sustained rebound.

14 Jul 2020

Should you take advantage of the stamp duty holiday?

Five considerations to take into account before you buy.

8 Jul 2020

How to use the government’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme

How can you claim the discount and which restaurants can you eat at?

8 Jul 2020

The trouble with Rishi Sunak’s stamp duty holiday

Why it still pays to stay put.

8 Jul 2020

Is now the time to invest in buy to let?

Buy to let has taken a bashing from government but could it be about to bounce back?

6 Jul 2020

Boris says build – but where are the missing houses?

The stall in house-building could mean further property price inflation.

1 Jul 2020

Why you should think twice about moving out of London

Lockdown may have boosted the appeal of the countryside but London is still the place to be.

25 Jun 2020

Are we heading for hyper-inflation or deflation?

In other words, will we become Zimbabwe or Japan after Covid-19?

24 Jun 2020

Where to buy property on the south coast

Find yourself a cosy coastal bolthole on Britain’s finest stretch of coastline.

23 Jun 2020

Is now the time to take advantage of cut-price flights?

With generous discounts and cancellation policies on offer from airlines, tourists willing to book in an uncertain climate will bag themselves a bargain.

18 Jun 2020

Are house prices about to fall or rise?

Conditions are ripe for the market to bounce back quickly so is now the right time to buy?

18 Jun 2020

Why a V-shaped recovery is still possible

Just about every letter of the alphabet has been used to predict our economic future but which one will come true?

17 Jun 2020

A femtech boom: putting women first

In association with NJF Holdings   Nicole Junkermann, international entrepreneur and investor, and the founder of NJF Holdings looks at…

17 Jun 2020

Property is a riskier investment than we think

With shares, we spread risk but with property it’s a case of all in.

10 Jun 2020