Paracetamol ‘reduces your level of empathy’

Taking paracetamol makes us less empathetic towards others, according to a study carried out at Ohio State University. The results…

It is time to let the secret out: insomnia is perfectly treatable. Here’s how

A recent Spectator Health headline made two claims about insomnia. First, that insomnia was hell. It is indeed an absolutely…

Why do 80 per cent of intensive care patients suffer from delirium?

No one knows the exact causes but it’s a growing problem in every hospital

5 May 2016

The power of napping… how a daytime doze can boost memory and beat pain

Some of our greatest statesman, ­philosophers, writers and artists were habitual ­nappers

5 May 2016
‘Music is my therapy’: ADHD sufferer Will.i.am performs on television

Why successful people with ADHD refuse to take their medicine

Even high-profile psychiatrists with ADHD do not use the drugs they recommend for their patients

5 May 2016

Repeat offender

I was just as impatient with my late husband… I’m a repeat offender

5 May 2016

Health checkup: on the obesity epidemic, food labelling and overfed toddlers

Plus: asthma’s fashion victims, the burden on GPs, and vitamin D deficiency

5 May 2016

Thinking inside the witness box

The best expert witnesses are seldom the most eminent men in their field

5 May 2016

A single gene is linked to several psychiatric diseases. A study may have worked out why

The death of newborn brain cells may be linked to five major psychiatric diseases, according to research carried out at…

The Queen at 90 is as sharp as ever. What’s her secret?

The Queen turns 90 this week and although there will be no big-scale official celebrations, as there were for the…

19 Apr 2016

A three-day working week ‘is better for the over-40s’

People over 40 should work three days a week if they want to avoid decreased brain function, according to a…

Full-fat milk ‘protects against type-2 diabetes’

People who drink full-fat rather than skimmed milk are significantly less likely to develop diabetes, a study has suggested. The…

Virtual reality worlds could soon be available on prescription

Strapping on a headset and playing a game may not sound like the best way to tackle depression. In normal…

6 Apr 2016

The high-horse brigade can get stuffed. Joan Bakewell had a point

You can’t do an interview these days without someone trying to catch you out. This week it was the turn…

15 Mar 2016

What mindfulness gurus won’t tell you: meditation has a dark side

We never intended to be the Richard Dawkins of mindfulness — but, because of our book, we seem to have started…

A stressful pregnancy matters — it can affect a baby’s genes

Everyone has heard of postnatal depression, but not everyone knows that mothers are as likely to be depressed during pregnancy…

‘Vomit up your past’: a truly sick-making ‘detox cure’ for addicts

Puke your guts up in order to keep off drugs. Honestly, I thought the detox industry was incapable of surprising…

9 Mar 2016

‘Worrying’ rise in children being prescribed anti-depressants

There has been a large increase in the number of British children prescribed anti-depressants, according to research published in the…

On genetics Oliver James is on a different planet to the rest of us

In reviews of his brilliant 2002 book The Blank Slate, which railed against the ‘modern denial of human nature’, Steven…

8 Mar 2016

Is your office making you ill? Why open-plan spaces aren’t good for our health

It’s Monday morning, you’re already late and as you look across the open-plan office you see the last spare desk…

4 Mar 2016

What I wish Stephen Fry understood about mental health

The following letter, addressed to Stephen Fry, is written by Richard Bentall, professor of clinical psychology at the University of…

The Times is panicking about a gambling epidemic but its story doesn’t add up

‘Doctors prescribe drugs to tackle Britain’s gambling epidemic’ was the top story on the Times‘s front page on Wednesday. ‘The…

19 Feb 2016

Sitting is the new smoking, says leading NHS expert Sir Muir Gray

Swap your slippers for walking shoes to live a longer and more productive life

18 Feb 2016

When the brain is the battlefield — mental health in the armed forces

Things have improved a lot since the first world war… but not as much as we might wish

18 Feb 2016

Depression linked to lower levels of a hormone that helps resilience

Researchers at McGill University have discovered the first evidence of a connection between noradrenergic neurons — which affect our attention…

Cognitive behavioural therapy can change your brain structure in just a few weeks

After nine weeks of cognitive behavioural therapy, the brain of patients suffering from social anxiety disorder changes in volume, according…