Sorry, eating vegetables probably won’t make you any happier

A higher intake of fruit and vegetables is linked to greater happiness, according to a study published in the American…

Theresa May: the first prime minister with a discreet need for jelly babies

To say that British politics is in a state of flux is rather like saying an otter’s pocket is a…

12 Jul 2016

Trees save lives: why doctors are prescribing forest walks

The sense of wellbeing that walking in a wood provides is tangible. Strolling through dappled sunlight, the peppery smell of…

11 Jul 2016

A brain therapy changed my life. It raises profound questions for the future

‘Transcranial magnetic stimulation’ — it sounds like something a nutty professor would develop in a science fiction movie. Yet this…

6 Jul 2016

Are all alternative therapies useless? Not quite. Here are three that work

In my last article I stated that alternative treatments are therapies that either have not been proven to work or…

Research in mice suggests diabetes drugs could slow down Alzheimer’s

Diabetes drugs could be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, according to new research published in the journal Diabetologia. Researchers suggest…

Is a boring job really bad for the brain? It’s not as clear as you think

A lack of stimulation can have a long-term negative effect on the brain, according to a study published in the…

Fibre-rich diet ‘raises your chance of a long and healthy life’

People who have a fibre-rich diet have a better chance of ageing successfully, according to a study by scientists at…

Ignore the NHS propaganda: fat people aren’t to blame for its soaring costs

Of all the attempts of NHS mandarins to blame patients for the spiralling costs of their bureaucratic leviathan, Simon Stevens’…

9 Jun 2016

A revolutionary moment for treating depression may be round the corner

Researchers have developed a blood test which can help doctors choose the best drug to treat patients with depression, according…

Charity workers are happier — is it because of doing good, or just feeling good?

A lengthy paper in the Journal of Economic Psychology (54 (2016) 64 – 84), lyrically titled ‘“… Do it with…

7 Jun 2016

Could we be getting closer to solving the mystery of depression?

Researchers have identified a region of the brain that functions abnormally in people with depression, according to a new study…

Dementia: can we do anything to reduce the risk?

Around one in 14 of us will develop dementia at some stage — is there anything we can do to avoid it? Benenden health writer Siân Phillips examines the issue

1 Jun 2016

Workaholics ‘more likely to suffer from ADHD, OCD and depression’

Spending long hours at work may raise your risk of suffering from ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety, according to research…

Type-2 diabetics ‘should be offered weight loss surgery’

Type 2-diabetics should be offered weight loss surgery to cure their condition, according to guidelines backed by 46 international health…

Sorry, a weekly curry won’t prevent dementia

A weekly curry could prevent dementia, according to recent headlines. Sadly the evidence isn’t there yet — but it is…

Magic mushrooms ingredient ‘lifts untreatable depression’

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms’, can ease the symptoms of depression, according to a study carried out by…

Paracetamol ‘reduces your level of empathy’

Taking paracetamol makes us less empathetic towards others, according to a study carried out at Ohio State University. The results…

It is time to let the secret out: insomnia is perfectly treatable. Here’s how

A recent Spectator Health headline made two claims about insomnia. First, that insomnia was hell. It is indeed an absolutely…

Why do 80 per cent of intensive care patients suffer from delirium?

No one knows the exact causes but it’s a growing problem in every hospital

5 May 2016

The power of napping… how a daytime doze can boost memory and beat pain

Some of our greatest statesman, ­philosophers, writers and artists were habitual ­nappers

5 May 2016
‘Music is my therapy’: ADHD sufferer Will.i.am performs on television

Why successful people with ADHD refuse to take their medicine

Even high-profile psychiatrists with ADHD do not use the drugs they recommend for their patients

5 May 2016

Repeat offender

I was just as impatient with my late husband… I’m a repeat offender

5 May 2016

Health checkup: on the obesity epidemic, food labelling and overfed toddlers

Plus: asthma’s fashion victims, the burden on GPs, and vitamin D deficiency

5 May 2016

Thinking inside the witness box

The best expert witnesses are seldom the most eminent men in their field

5 May 2016

A single gene is linked to several psychiatric diseases. A study may have worked out why

The death of newborn brain cells may be linked to five major psychiatric diseases, according to research carried out at…