Power lines have been cleared by Oxford researchers

Check up

Environment No leukaemia link to power lines There is no increased risk of contracting leukaemia for children who live beneath…

31 May 2014

This is madness

Professor Sue Bailey, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, recently drew attention to the financial difficulties faced by the…

31 May 2014

A law to cure cancer

All cancer deaths are wasted lives. The deceased do not advance scientific knowledge one iota. Yet as matters stand, those…

31 May 2014
Friend or foe? Middle-aged women are confronted by a bewildering array of medication and advice

HRT: The debate goes on

Since as early as the 1940s, women of a certain age have had the option of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)…

31 May 2014

The doctor will Skype you now

The average European visits their doctor six times a year. Each consultation lasts around ten minutes; add to that waiting…

31 May 2014

Joint ventures

Having bad arthritis is miserable, and it affects every part of people’s lives. As an orthopaedic surgeon, I sit in…

31 May 2014

Keep your hair on

There is, in the pursuit of hirsuteness, a bewilderingly long menu of treatments, with results that range from the near…

31 May 2014

Ten foods to tackle diabetes

Diabetes is spreading to epic proportions in the UK. It affects 3.2 million people, a figure which has doubled since…

31 May 2014

Magic bullet or massive missfire?

Forty years ago Henry Gadsden, chief executive of the drug company Merck, expressed his frustration that the potential market for…

31 May 2014

Zero tolerance

There is an epidemic in parts of London that is in danger of engulfing communities, causing misery for schools, restaurateurs…

31 May 2014

Mind games

Addressing an audience at the Second Half of Your Life Centre recently, I described myself as a 67-year-old (77 if…

31 May 2014

Use your brain

A while ago I was listening to the Today programme, as we’re all obliged to do. A neuroscientist was on…

31 May 2014

Pub vs pool

Fancy a pint? I’ll get them. Let’s sit right over there, where we can observe the punters coming and going…

31 May 2014
Shingles is a reactivation of varicella, the chicken pox virus

A very good jab too

To very little fanfare, a new vaccination programme was launched by the NHS last year, bringing Britain up to speed…

31 May 2014

Keep it up

‘Er… I’ve got a touch of Ascension Deficit Disorder,’ said the patient in our consulting room.Over the years, we’ve heard…

Peak practice

These days, people don’t simply go on holiday — they combine it with a trip to one of the increasingly popular…

31 May 2014

A world of choice

When you’re feeling a bit below par there’s nothing nicer than being tucked up at home, comfort foods and favourite…

31 May 2014

Fixing broken hearts

Let’s face it, your heart is pretty important. Treat it right and your cardiac muscle will expand and contract more…

31 May 2014


Q Both my parents died of heart attacks when they were relatively young. I am worried that the same might…

31 May 2014

Welcome to the machine

The eye may be the window to the soul but the heart is the engine that keeps it blinking. It…

31 May 2014

Statins: magic bullet or massive misfire? Ask our experts

In the first issue of Spectator Health, our cover piece is on the controversial issue of statins, arguably the most…

29 May 2014