bowel cancer

Two months on antibiotics may raise your risk of bowel cancer

Long-term antibiotic users are more likely to develop adenomas, or bowel polyps, a common and usually benign growth that can…

A pill can ward off breast cancer. Why aren’t more women taking it?

We have long been familiar with the idea of healthy people taking a statin to reduce their risk of cardiovascular…

6 Apr 2017

Vitamin D pills may not protect against cancer after all

Vitamin D has been hailed by some as the ‘silver bullet’ for cancer. But, according to a new study in…


Does exercise help if you have cancer? Here’s what we know

Exercise is a wonder drug. It’s a miracle cure. It’s a panacea. If it was a drug, doctors would be…

17 Mar 2017

Does a Mediterranean diet really protect against breast cancer?

‘Mediterranean diet could slash risk of deadly breast cancer by 40 per cent,’ said the headlines in the Telegraph and…

7 Mar 2017
ovarian cancer

A blood test every four months can pick up ovarian cancer early

Taking a blood test every four months could be the best way for women at high risk of ovarian cancer…

contraceptive pill

The contraceptive pill and cancer: the benefits outweigh the risks

The contraceptive pill causes hormonal changes in the body and has long been known to affect cancer risk over the…

John Hurt

John Hurt and pancreatic cancer: why it’s such a bleak disease to face

The sad loss of John Hurt last week from pancreatic cancer chalks yet another one up to the bad guy.…

2 Feb 2017
breast cancer

Having a ‘pre-cancer’ scare may be good for your health

Women over 50 who have been treated for a precursor to breast cancer known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)…


Lay off Nutella! The chocolate spread is no cancer villain

It’s a cruel fact that this January, while we’re busy repenting that third helping of Christmas chocolate, the news has…

25 Jan 2017
pancreatic cancer

New pancreatic cancer drug ‘a monumental leap forward’

A new pancreatic cancer drug significantly extends survival time for patients who have undergone surgery, according to a report published…

brown toast

Why you don’t need to worry about eating brown toast

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a campaign to warn Britons of the dangers of toasting and roasting their…

23 Jan 2017

Study reveals the riskiest jobs for skin cancer

Two per cent of deadly skin cancer cases in Britain come from working outdoors, according to research published in the…

Sometimes living with disease is better than being treated for it

When 90-year-old American widow Norma Bauerschmidt was diagnosed with terminal cancer, it was far from being the beginning of the…

17 Jan 2017

Turmeric: a powerful weapon against disease or just a tasty spice?

It is news that should warm any curry lover’s heart: eating spicy food may be good for your health —…

13 Jan 2017

Altering a gene ‘slowed cancer spread in mice by 75 per cent’

Metastasis, or the spread of cancer around the body, is responsible for up to 90 per cent of all cancer…

prostate cancer

Laser treatment hailed as a ‘game-changer’ for prostate cancer

A pioneering new treatment can clear low-risk prostate cancer without any debilitating side effects, according to a study published in…

Melinda Messenger

Don’t bash Melinda Messenger. Anxiety about the HPV vaccine can’t just be ignored

Dr Chris Steele, the resident doctor of ITV’s This Morning, took Melinda Messenger to task on the show last week.…

21 Dec 2016

No, cancer patients don’t need to give up chocolate

Cancer patients should avoid chocolate, according to Daily Mail Online. ‘Ingredient found to make tumours spread around the body —…


Wider aspirin use would help more people live past 80

Taking a low dose of aspirin daily can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer in people aged over…

Higher protein intake may help against breast cancer

Women with breast cancer are slightly more likely to survive the disease if they increase their protein intake, according to…


A beer a day to raise your risk of prostate cancer? Don’t believe it

Having just a drink a day could raise men’s risk of prostate cancer by a fifth, a study published in…

Could vitamin D pills help protect against bladder cancer?

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer, according to a study presented this week.…

A novel therapy for certain breast cancers isn’t the same as a ‘major breakthrough’

Researchers from King’s College London have identified a molecule crucial to the growth of breast cancer that they say could…

No, having cancer did not heal my life

Of all the crackpot theories, that’s the biggest lie of all

20 Oct 2016

How Tiggy and Johnnie Walker survived cancer together

Tiggy Walker nursed her Radio 2 DJ husband through cancer. Then roles were reversed, hears Damien Love for Benenden.

18 Oct 2016