8 winter walks to try this year

Nothing beats fresh air for blowing away the winter blues.

23 Nov 2020

The secret to treating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Could this simple Scandinavian treatment be the answer for SAD sufferers?

16 Nov 2020

Nature boost: How time outside can lift your mood

It’s never been more important to get your dose of fresh air. Here’s how to do it.

9 Nov 2020

‘As good as an orgasm’: how to go wild swimming in winter

Good for the heart and good for the mind – don’t let the drop in temperature put you off.

3 Nov 2020

Why many men suffer with my condition in silence

Up to half of all men have prostatitis but slowly treatments are emerging.

21 Oct 2020

Are opticians taking us for a ride?

I can’t be the only one who is cynical about my constantly changing prescription.

14 Oct 2020

How to tell if it’s a cold, flu or Covid

Dr Roger Henderson shares the key symptoms to look out for.

5 Oct 2020

Can eggs make you slim?

Dr Roger Henderson examines the evidence.

25 Sep 2020

Westminster’s weight loss tips: from Boris to Tom Watson

Parliament is full of MPs keen to shed the pounds. But which of their health fads is worth following?

18 Sep 2020

Can the “Malhotra Method” really cut your Covid risk?

Dr Tarek S Arab weighs up the science behind Aseem Malhotra’s bestselling book.

7 Sep 2020

Why the British have a food problem

We’re missing a strong culinary heritage – and it shows.

27 Aug 2020

Don’t fall for the myth of ‘detox’ foods

Are they backed by genuine science or just a marketing ploy?

20 Aug 2020

The rise of the Zoom doctor

Can we really consign face-to-face appointments to history?

10 Aug 2020

A healthier you: How to form good habits after lockdown

Keeping up an exercise regime and eating healthily after returning to work can pose a challenge. Here’s how to form the right routines.

27 Jul 2020

Can CBD drinks help you destress? We put 7 to the test

From martinis to teas, which drinks deliver on both taste and relaxation?

16 Jul 2020

Why blood plasma therapy could be the key to fighting Covid-19

But Britain’s lack of donors could stand in the way.

29 Jun 2020

Is the CBD bubble about to burst?

The CBD industry is facing a bit of a roadblock. At least in the UK anyway.

25 Jun 2020

Which ‘science’ will Boris Johnson follow on obesity?

The science on healthy eating has shifted in recent years with dairy, saturated fat and meat all back on the menu.

22 Jun 2020

The dos and don’ts of peeing al fresco

How you pee outdoors is important – with discretion and not ‘alarming members of the public’ key to navigating the law.

19 Jun 2020

What is dexamethasone and how can it be used to treat Covid-19?

Dexamethasone is a readily available steroid that is used to treat everything from asthma to croup.

17 Jun 2020

A femtech boom: putting women first

In association with NJF Holdings   Nicole Junkermann, international entrepreneur and investor, and the founder of NJF Holdings looks at…

17 Jun 2020

It’s time to admit that Britain is spilling over the top of its jeans

The government has been timid on obesity but perhaps we need to be offended into taking action.

10 Jun 2020

Bring the gym to you: the best equipment for exercising at home

With gyms still closed during lockdown, we look at the kit that will best enhance your home workouts.

4 Jun 2020

How to prevent back pain when working from home

Changes to our desks and work routines during lockdown can take a toll on the spine.

1 Jun 2020
Dominic Cummings

Can Covid-19 affect your vision?

Dominic Cummings cited potential visual impairment as a side effect of the virus whilst defending his decision to drive to Barnard Castle. However, it is yet to be listed as an official symptom.

27 May 2020

How to lose weight and cut your Covid risk

Obesity is one of the major modifiable risk factors for admission to hospital in the event of a SARS-Cov 2 infection but it’s never too late to tackle it.

20 May 2020