Savile Row receives post-Brexit boost

If you found yourself in W1 on the 24th of June, you may have heard the hyperventilating of London’s top…

Invitation to a cuddle party

Would you pay to hug a complete stranger?

The perils of the PA planned holiday

You’re invited to stay with friends, via their PA….Do you accept?

Gallop to Goodwood: Off to the British Racing School

I know, I know, I’ve already moaned enough about being up at 5am on a bank holiday Monday. But even…

Gallop to Goodwood: Time is of the essence

Ah, bank holiday Monday. A day for lie-ins and breakfast in bed – and even better, in May, we get…

Alfie Allen in his original Thrones guise as Theon Greyjoy

My part’s already been chopped!

James Delingpole meets Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen

Labour’s next great battle

The Labour leader and his Shadow Chancellor like to present a united front. But John McDonnell is manoeuvring for the top job

Meet Team GB

With no head-start this time, Team GB’s young stars are determined to prove themselves

A School of Anti-Semitism?

Jewish students no longer feel safe at the School of Oriental and African Studies

Cull your friends

How a Japanese decluttering technique can give you a manageable social life

Has the Foxes’ magic started to fade?

Perhaps – you certainly won’t see them in tomorrow’s Queen’s Cup final

What to expect in the new Spectator Life

Game of Thrones, a brand new Wine and Food section and much more

Doing the Moonwalk

Kate Morris joins tens of thousands on the 20th anniversary of the Moonwalk

There’s an E in Paree

How the city of light took a battery-powered motor race into its heart

Run Camilla, run

Camilla Rutherford prepares for her biggest challenge – the London Marathon

Frontline hacks can dish it out, but can’t take it

Considering how much criticism they dish out, journalists – especially those who’ve seen combat – should be well equipped to…

Confessions of a mob doctor

A showgirl dead in a lift. A tycoon knocked out cold by a call girl. Just two entries in the Las Vegas casebook of Dr Ivan Mindlin

Tracking down Tina

Tina Fey stars in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the new war film whose male lead is based on Sean Langan. So how could the two fail to hit it off when they met?

Some members of the Frontline Club make Kirk Douglas’s character in Ace in the Hole look respectable

Life in the Frontline

The London club set up for war reporters and cameramen has become a den of swagger and lefty self-regard, says James Kirchick

My life as a Gogglebox star

Being on TV while watching TV is no route to riches, but it brings unexpected rewards