Diet & Fitness

Bring the gym to you: the best equipment for exercising at home

With gyms still closed during lockdown, we look at the kit that will best enhance your home workouts.

4 Jun 2020

The best exercises to break up your working day

Our work from home desks can take a lot of toll on our bodies – from bad posture to inactivity.

11 May 2020

How to take up running

Lockdown has turned us into a nation of joggers. Here’s how to do it safely.

13 Apr 2020

The best fitness workouts to try on YouTube

Working out from home has never been easier but be sure to choose your online trainer wisely.

7 Apr 2020

10 ways to keep fit at home

Coronavirus concerns are keeping us away from the gym but that does not mean you have to compromise on your workout.

17 Mar 2020
Garmin running watch

The best fitness trackers: from FitBits to Garmin running watches

Transform your fitness regime with the latest gadgets.

9 Mar 2020
A competitor takes part in the fourth stage of the first edition of the Marathon des Sables Peru

The rise of the ultra marathon: why 26.2 miles is no longer enough

Completing 26.2 miles no longer draws the same awe from friends, colleagues and relatives – step forward the ultra marathon.

18 Feb 2020

Get fighting fit with these 7 military training tips

Keep your New Year fitness commitments going into February with advice from Be Military Fit’s lead instructor.

11 Feb 2020

London’s most luxurious swimming pools: from The Shard to The Landmark

Lend some luxury to your lengths with our guide to the best secret swimming pools.

5 Feb 2020

Tom Kerridge: how to stick to your New Year diet

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge who lost over 12 stone shares his weight loss tips with Samantha Rea.

3 Feb 2020

High cholesterol? Here’s how to lower it

Simple diet changes can help reduce cholesterol and tackle hyperlipidaemia.

3 Feb 2020

Inside London’s most exclusive gyms: from The RAC to The Ned

Start the New Year’s fitness drive as you mean to go on – with style and panache

13 Jan 2020

Five ways to improve your health in 2020

We all know we need to watch our diet and exercise more but here are some practical steps to help make your health goals achievable

3 Jan 2020
Fred Sirieix in Road Trip with Gordon Ramsey and Gino D’Acampo

How to lose weight in the New Year: top tips from celebrity chefs

Famous foodies reveal how to shed those Christmas pounds

30 Dec 2019

Sugar binges increase risk of inflammatory bowel disease

Short-term increases in sugar consumption could increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease and have a significant impact on our…

15 Nov 2019

Type 2 Diabetes: how to reduce the risk

Exercise and diet are key to reducing the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes

14 Nov 2019

Planetary health diet ‘unaffordable’ for quarter of the population

A new study estimates that the so-called planetary health diet, which is meant to improve both human and planetary health,…

8 Nov 2019

Common medical conditions explained: high blood pressure

High blood pressure, also known as ‘hypertension’, has few symptoms but can often be addressed through lifestyle changes

28 Oct 2019

Exercise before breakfast ‘burns fat twice as quickly’

By changing the timing of when you eat and exercise, you can exert control over your blood sugar levels –…

18 Oct 2019

Excess body fat increases depression risk

Carrying just ten kilograms of excess body fat increases the risk of depression by seventeen per cent. The more fat,…

28 Aug 2019

When you eat is as important as what you eat

Meal timing strategies such as intermittent fasting or eating earlier in the day appear to help people lose weight by…

23 Jul 2019

7 ways to keep fit outdoors this summer

Make the most of the sunshine by getting fit outdoors – from rooftop yoga to military fitness

16 Jul 2019

How to exercise after giving birth

It can be difficult to work out when and how to exercise after giving birth. Here’s what the research says.

8 Jul 2019

Quorn protein ‘twice as effective’ for building muscle

A study from the University of Exeter has found that mycoprotein, the protein-rich food source that is unique to Quorn…

3 Jul 2019

The ‘planetary health diet’ – or communism through the backdoor?

In the superb Scandinavian TV series The Bridge, one of the two central figures is the autistic Swedish police detective…

12 Mar 2019

The unintended consequences of the ‘junk food’ advertising ban

It’s only been a week since Sadiq Khan’s ill-conceived ban on ‘junk food’ advertising across London’s public transport network came…

5 Mar 2019