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From Hamilton to Hiddleston: the best theatre to watch online

The theatres may be closed but don’t miss the array of plays popping up online.

21 May 2020

Village thrills: 10 films that will put you off rural living

In the world of film, villages after often foreboding, secretive places where plots take a dark turn.

21 May 2020

The dark side: 8 TV shows with great villains

Sometimes it’s not the heroes that keep us watching.

19 May 2020

Seven family films to keep the kids entertained

If home school has driven you round the bend, try these lockdown family favourites.

14 May 2020
Credit: Photo by Fox Searchlight/New Regency/Le Grisbi/Kobal/Shutterstock (5885850i)

Six superhero films with a highbrow edge

Even as we experience a momentary hiatus from the onslaught of superhero films, it is hard not to feel that…

13 May 2020

Seven classic sitcoms to revisit during lockdown

From Frasier to Yes, Prime Minister, now is the perfect time to revisit golden oldies.

7 May 2020

10 short thrillers that are worth a watch

How about taking a look at these widely available, relatively low-budget and overlooked thrillers?

6 May 2020

Six sports films to make up for missed fixtures

With live fixtures on hold, it’s time to turn to film for our sports fix.

1 May 2020

It could be worse…8 apocalypse films to watch this weekend

If the news headlines aren’t apocalyptic enough for you then these eight films will do the trick.

29 Apr 2020

The best “unwoke” comedy to watch during lockdown

Look no further for some much needed lockdown laughter.

28 Apr 2020

The best biopics to watch this spring

The correlation between Oscar wins and biopics has always been strong – here’s our pick of the best star turns.

23 Apr 2020

The best music documentaries to watch online

From Bob Marley to Taylor Swift, the best documentaries dig beneath the public persona of your favourite musicians.

23 Apr 2020
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as Jeeves and Wooster (Rex Features)

Golden oldies: Britain’s best vintage comedy

From Fry and Laurie to Victoria Wood, there’s a treasure trove of British classics to discover on YouTube.

21 Apr 2020

8 mini-series to watch over the weekend

Short and sweet is the way forward when it comes to streaming.

17 Apr 2020

The 7 best podcasts to banish lockdown blues

Take your mind off all things Covid with some light-hearted listening material.

16 Apr 2020

Six film and cocktail pairings to liven up your nights in

Match your cocktail to your film choice for the perfect lockdown evening.

15 Apr 2020

The best comedies to watch on Netflix

Give yourself a laugh in lockdown with these six classics.

14 Apr 2020

The beautiful game: how to replace live football this spring

Keep in touch with the beautiful game through podcasts, books and streaming.

13 Apr 2020

The best films about faith to watch this Easter

Forget the biblical epics – it’s the unexpected portrayals of faith that often prove most poignant on film.

9 Apr 2020

Seven films with great twists

Look no further for cinema’s most unpredictable plots.

8 Apr 2020

8 films about isolation to see you through lockdown

Pick up some (questionable) survival tips from the movies.

1 Apr 2020

7 literary plagues to ponder in quarantine

As La Peste by Camus sees a spike in sales, we look at literature’s most famous pandemics.

23 Mar 2020
Westerlund 2 - from the Hubble telescope (NASA/ESA), all images are open to the public to browse.

The best exhibitions and concerts to experience online

With theatres and galleries in lockdown it’s time to tap into the internet’s vast pool of culture.

18 Mar 2020

The best sci fi films on Netflix

Fans of Stranger Things will love these futuristic films.

17 Mar 2020

The best Gangster shows to binge-watch this weekend

From mafia bosses to drug kings, James Delingpole brings you his top picks.

12 Mar 2020

The best pandemic films to watch while you self isolate

Film makers love to capitalise on our paranoia about disease.

6 Mar 2020