What’s On

London’s best jazz clubs

With gigs a no-go, why not opt for the capital’s darkened jazz stages?

21 Sep 2020

Theatre is back! 8 (socially distanced) shows to see this autumn

Theatre and the live arts are slowly returning to the capital.

17 Sep 2020

Seven films with iconic antiheroes

Cinema loves to capitalize on our love for the rugged outsider.

17 Sep 2020

What to watch on Netflix this Autumn

Even with filming and production stalled, Netflix is set to deliver an impressive slate of new content this autumn. From…

16 Sep 2020

Terry O’Neill: ‘Hollywood is lonely’

A posthumous exhibition reveals O’Neill’s famous subjects as fragile, familiar friends.

14 Sep 2020

Six spy films to watch this weekend

What better way to switch off than with a spot of espionage?

11 Sep 2020

The 10 best films about elections

Cinema loves nothing more than a high stakes contest – especially the political kind.

8 Sep 2020

What ‘Away’ gets right and wrong about life in space

Former NASA astronaut Gregory H. Johnson discusses the realities of space travel.

7 Sep 2020

Six sequels that outdo the original film

These films prove that a sequel can be more than a lazy cash-in.

4 Sep 2020

What to watch on Amazon Prime this Autumn

From Simon Pegg’s latest comedy to Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.

2 Sep 2020

Back to the future: the best films about time travel

Time travel and cinema have always made for a perfect pairing.

27 Aug 2020

The best of British satire: 7 vintage shows that still raise a smile

From Bremner, Bird and Fortune to The Frost Report.

27 Aug 2020

8 films featuring poisonings: from The Beguiled to Erin Brockovich

The alleged attempted murder of Russia’s Opposition leader has put poisonings back in the spotlight.

25 Aug 2020

Parliament on screen: which film best captures Westminster?

SW1A has seen its fair share of film-worthy scandals

18 Aug 2020

Six books with memorable twists

Plot can be a dirty word in literary fiction but these bestsellers are all about the well-timed denouement.

18 Aug 2020

The rise of the prequel: from X-men to Hannibal

A good prequel can offer new and unexpected twists on familiar characters.

14 Aug 2020

The best crime shows on Netflix

There is a deep and historic synergy between cinema and encounters with the law.

13 Aug 2020

10 films that feature masks

Mask-wearing was a motif in the movies long before it became mandatory elsewhere.

12 Aug 2020

From Russia with love: 12 films set in the former Soviet Union

Russia has reappeared in the headlines recently but how is it depicted in the movies?

6 Aug 2020

The best road trip films to watch this summer

Whether you’re roaming free or staying put this summer, these classic movies capture the thrill of life on the road.

4 Aug 2020

The best stand-up comedy on Netflix

The cancellation of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – Britain’s biggest stand-up festival – will have been a serious blow for…

31 Jul 2020

A Suitable Boy: Seven films to watch that are set in India

The BBC’s new adaptation is far from the first depiction of India on the silver screen.

28 Jul 2020

8 westerns to watch this weekend

Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Quentin Tarantino is trying their hand at the genre.

22 Jul 2020

Rule Britannia: six of the best films about royals

No other institution has the same glamour and pageantry attached to it.

15 Jul 2020

What to see in London’s newly opened galleries

From Titian to Aubrey Beardsley, socially distant exhibitions are now up and running in the capital.

15 Jul 2020

What’s new on Netflix for summer 2020

From Cate Blanchett’s Stateless to Will Ferrell’s Eurovision send up, here’s what to watch.

14 Jul 2020