Everyone should have a hobby. It might be golf, stamp-collecting, painting, building model aircraft or beekeeping. Mine is auctioneering. I…

31 Mar 2012
Portrait Polly Borland

Leanne Benjamin

Watch Leanne Benjamin slot her tiny frame into the corner of a sofa and you can easily believe she could…

31 Mar 2012

World View

Bathers Albania, 2006 What I like about Tom’s pictures is that they don’t state the obvious. He has a singular…

31 Mar 2012

A Vote (and a Prayer) for Beautiful Architecture

If you magically brought back to life an ancestor from 200 years ago and gave them a quick tour around…

31 Mar 2012

Golden Rules

Surely everyone holds gold by now? Strangely, they don’t. The price has gone from $250 an ounce to $1,700 an…

31 Mar 2012

Joining the Big League

In 1996, a star baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves named Mark Wohlers gave up a crucial home run in…

31 Mar 2012
Louise Mensch, Tory MP for Corby andEast Northamptonshire, in a photshoot for GQ

Pretty Party

When I was at Oxford no one — as in no one who was anyone — would have dreamt of…

31 Mar 2012
The Canaletto painting above is in London for the first time in 250 years as part of Royal River: Power, Pageantry & the Thames, an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, curated by David Starkey (27 April-9 September)

Send her Victorious

‘We need a theme,’ said one of the ladies at our first town meeting to discuss how we should celebrate…

31 Mar 2012

The Unwhippables

On the night of the great Tory rebellion over Europe, David Cameron had good reason to think that Zac Goldsmith…

31 Mar 2012

The Wish List

BRAND NEW HEIRLOOMS Clockwise from bottom left: late Victorian silver candlesticks, £520;  engraved Victorian celery vase, £90; engraved Victorian decanter,…

31 Mar 2012

Sacred Cow

In April, Tate Modern opens a Damien Hirst show that will be on display all the way through theOlympics, as…

31 Mar 2012