Why we need grammar schools

Keeping high culture alive is vital for the preservation of peace and democracy

5 Dec 2015

Lunch with the future leader of the Labour party

Jess Phillips is a gobby Brummie with the balls to drag the Labour party back from Korbyn’s Keystone Kommunism

5 Dec 2015

Why do failed socialists end up at Harvard?

America’s most prestigious university has become a rest home for Labour party grandees

5 Dec 2015

Did CND ever take Moscow gold?

Britain’s anti-nukes movement was long reputed to be bankrolled by the Kremlin…but was it?

5 Dec 2015

My trip to the edge of sanity

Fans say this drug can cure heroin addiction… but its use is controversial and illegal

5 Dec 2015

A smile for every mile in a Morgan

Nobody loves you when you roar past in a Ferrari…. but passers by grin and wave at you in a rag-top Plus 4

5 Dec 2015
Reproduced by permission of the national Library of Scotland

Garden wars… fierce rivalry and oneupmanship in west London

From basement conversions to children’s parties as a competitive sport, the well-heeled are at war

5 Dec 2015

How to survive the bush

In an African bar near my cattle ranch in Kenya there’s a mural of a man struggling up a tree.…

5 Dec 2015

Vauxhall’s next for the hipster cavaliers

London’s least fashionable area is about to be invaded by brigades of men trying to look like D.H. Lawrence

5 Dec 2015

It’s so sad the way they spoiled Selfridges

In my childhood it was a place of enchantment. Today it’s just another garish shopping mall

5 Dec 2015

I don’t want to hear about your brag ladies

Why do men try to impress me with claims about all the brilliant, beautiful women already fighting over them?

5 Dec 2015

We don’t belong in the EU’s evil empire

How scathing exposé The Rotten Heart of Europe revealed the true purpose of monetary union

Booker T Jones

Ronnie Scott’s, 1–4 January

5 Dec 2015

Masters Snooker

Alexandra Palace, 10–17 January

5 Dec 2015

Joseph Calleja

Royal Festival Hall, 22 January

5 Dec 2015

Suede: Night thoughts

Out 22 January

5 Dec 2015


Cinemas from 29 January

5 Dec 2015

Reeves and Mortimer

Various venues, from 30 January

5 Dec 2015

Dave Gorman

Various venues, until 31 January

5 Dec 2015


Wyndham’s Theatre, until 5 March

5 Dec 2015

Full-figured copulation and Morrissey: the Literary Review’s ‘Bad Sex Award’

To the In & Out club in St James’s Square where the great, good and sexually challenged gathered to await…

2 Dec 2015

The Hennessy Gold Cup 2015, in pictures

As the Christmas season begins to get into full swing, it was time for the annual Hennessy Gold Cup. Now…

1 Dec 2015

This car will accelerate your social advancement

The Range Rover Sport manoeuvres with the grace of a gazelle

30 Nov 2015

The Wish List

Above: 1 Shard gold and garnet cuff, £7,500, Annoushka, 2 D’amour diamond bracelet, from £27,000, Cartier, 3 Paloma Picasso Olive…

30 Nov 2015

The best of Notting Hill – now in Shepherd’s Bush

It isn’t just Westfield that has transformed W12

30 Nov 2015

Tom Odell rains on John Lewis’s Christmas cheer

Although Thanksgiving is yet to pass, revellers didn’t let this get in the way of their Christmas cheer on Tuesday…

26 Nov 2015