Gallop to Goodwood: Time is of the essence

Ah, bank holiday Monday. A day for lie-ins and breakfast in bed – and even better, in May, we get…

8 Jul 2016

Seven reasons to walk more

Ditch the car or bus and take to the pavements and pathways instead. You’ll probably see some of these benefits pretty soon…

Apollo summer party, in pictures

‘I imagine you’re all expecting someone to resign,’ said editor Thomas Marks, addressing his guests at the Apollo summer party.…

5 Jul 2016

Finding beauty in a battlesite

Talk turned – briefly – from Brexit to another battle last night at the unveiling of Jolyon Fenwick’s ‘Zero Hour’…

1 Jul 2016

Charlotte Colbert turns to the dark side

Photographer Charlotte Colbert is known for being one half of London’s quirkiest, chirpiest couple. Along with her husband, artist Philip…

1 Jul 2016

Don’t stress about stress

Ever experienced the Sunday evening, back-to-work-on-Monday blues? Most working people probably have. What can be done about it?

28 Jun 2016

Health myths: does antiperspirant cause breast cancer?

It’s a common claim that the aluminium in antiperspirants and deodorants is linked to cancer — Benenden examines the truth

23 Jun 2016

SOAS not anti-Semitic but diverse and vibrant

I read Adrian Hilton’s recent feature article about SOAS, “A School of Anti-Semitism?” with equal parts anger and frustration. Hilton’s…

23 Jun 2016

Stilettos, feminist? You’re fooling yourself

I have a pile of press cuttings about women who maim people with shoes; there have been 150 violent crimes…

23 Jun 2016

The fox: Friend or foe?

When you see a fox, what do you feel? More than any other animal in Britain, the fox can elicit a…

21 Jun 2016

A wet evening for William Dalrymple and his gang at Garsington

Ah, the English at play. Miss Steerpike decamped to Wormsley last night to take in some opera – Eugene Onegin is the…

17 Jun 2016

Healthy eating hacks from a heart attack survivor

TV chef Sally Bee suffered three heart attacks when she was 36 before being diagnosed with spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). She tells Benenden that her survival against the odds was down to a diet crammed with healthy food

14 Jun 2016

Food in the nude isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: The Bunyadi, reviewed

I’m not a stranger to getting my kit off. I once spent a day on the tube in a bikini,…

13 Jun 2016

My epic fail with wide-boy Dale

What I want is a lovely, funny man. What I get is a portly and pompous Donald Trump fan

11 Jun 2016

I was in a room full of people who thought the USSR was a force for good

A lifelong Labour supporter tries to defend Israel and nukes to the party faithful in Tottenham

11 Jun 2016

Universities’ war against truth

Having beliefs and expressing them is no longer tolerated and the contagion is spreading

11 Jun 2016
Alfie Allen in his original Thrones guise as Theon Greyjoy

My part’s already been chopped!

James Delingpole meets Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen

11 Jun 2016

Labour’s next great battle

The Labour leader and his Shadow Chancellor like to present a united front. But John McDonnell is manoeuvring for the top job

11 Jun 2016

Meet Team GB

With no head-start this time, Team GB’s young stars are determined to prove themselves

11 Jun 2016

A School of Anti-Semitism?

Jewish students no longer feel safe at the School of Oriental and African Studies

11 Jun 2016

Cull your friends

How a Japanese decluttering technique can give you a manageable social life

11 Jun 2016

Is Lewisham really so ’orrible?

It’s scruffy and scary, but things are looking up

11 Jun 2016

The new Fiat 500 is overpriced and oversugared

It’s been improved in some ways, but really, this is like a Walls Cornetto to real Italian gelato

11 Jun 2016

Has the Foxes’ magic started to fade?

Perhaps – you certainly won’t see them in tomorrow’s Queen’s Cup final

10 Jun 2016

Battle of the sexes comes to a halt at Baileys book prize

Is the battle of the sexes over? Stephen Frears – director of woman-heavy films The Queen, Philomena and Tamara Drewe…

9 Jun 2016

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition party, in pictures

On Tuesday night, members of royalty and artists alike joined forces to celebrate the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition at its annual…

8 Jun 2016