Seven apps to transform your life

Losing weight, moving more or drinking less — whatever your fitness or health goal, there’s probably an app for it

Invitation to a cuddle party

Would you pay to hug a complete stranger?

17 Aug 2016

Health myths: Does warm milk help you sleep?

While it is often associated with helping babies and children reach the land of nod, Benenden examines whether drinking the white stuff at bedtime really makes a difference

The perils of the PA planned holiday

You’re invited to stay with friends, via their PA….Do you accept?

8 Aug 2016

Olympic fitness tips to steal: Team GB’s Kristian Thomas

Before flying off to Rio the 2015 European floor champion (pictured far left) shared his fitness secrets with Benenden

7 Aug 2016

Gallop to Goodwood: The final countdown

There are now just over 24 hours until I race at Goodwood. Am I nervous? Everyone asks me that, and…

27 Jul 2016

Jaws of steel and brains of Hawking

A day with Team GB’s super breed of hockey stars

26 Jul 2016

Who will love a Brexiteer?

Charlotte Gill is unlucky in love on ‘Remain-heavy’ Tinder

25 Jul 2016

Six budget-friendly ingredients for good health

Nutritional therapist Lowri Turner shares her top ingredients for healthy eating on a budget with Benenden

Confessions of a female lobby correspondent

Jane Merrick on whether the lobby needs more women

22 Jul 2016

Summer calls for Pimm’s, not Aperol Spritz

At university we used to fill up paddling pools with the stuff. But where has Pimm’s gone this summer?

21 Jul 2016

Health myths: am I overweight because of my slow metabolism?

Whether we’re fat or thin, it’s all down to our genes – or at least that’s a claim that so many of us make. We examine the truth behind the myth

19 Jul 2016

Gallop to Goodwood: Off to the British Racing School

I know, I know, I’ve already moaned enough about being up at 5am on a bank holiday Monday. But even…

14 Jul 2016

So foul and fair a day for luvvies at Mark’s Club

It was a day of Shakespearean drama and theatrical scope as Theresa May became Prime Minister and embarked on a…

14 Jul 2016

Crowd Surf Ready — the latest festival fitness class reviewed

Samantha Rea takes a leap of faith with Gymbox

13 Jul 2016

Gallop to Goodwood: Time is of the essence

Ah, bank holiday Monday. A day for lie-ins and breakfast in bed – and even better, in May, we get…

8 Jul 2016

Seven reasons to walk more

Ditch the car or bus and take to the pavements and pathways instead. You’ll probably see some of these benefits pretty soon…

Apollo summer party, in pictures

‘I imagine you’re all expecting someone to resign,’ said editor Thomas Marks, addressing his guests at the Apollo summer party.…

5 Jul 2016

Finding beauty in a battlesite

Talk turned – briefly – from Brexit to another battle last night at the unveiling of Jolyon Fenwick’s ‘Zero Hour’…

1 Jul 2016