Perk up your day at the Death Café

Everything is better with cake – even a frank discussion about your own demise

Jamie Murray talks doubles victories and his delight at being an uncle

Taking up tennis was ‘inevitable’ — and he and younger brother Andy were always competitive

Will it take a tax break to make you eat your five-a-day?

It’s one of the more radical solutions proposed as the cost of caring for the obese soars even higher

How long can you expect to live…

… and will you be healthy enough to enjoy it: the statistics tell all

Five reasons why the Jack Reacher novels are brilliant

Stav Sherez explains why Lee Child’s creation is worthy of critical respect and picks out five must-read Reacher novels

19 Oct 2016

How Tiggy and Johnnie Walker survived cancer together

Tiggy Walker nursed her Radio 2 DJ husband through cancer. Then roles were reversed, hears Damien Love for Benenden.

18 Oct 2016

5 exhibitions to see

From Caravaggio to Turner Prize nominees, there are some fantastic exhibitions open across the UK this autumn and winter

13 Oct 2016

Ewan McGregor shows off his American debut

Danny Boyle, Cressida Bonas and Alexandra Shulman were in the audience for a special screening of American Pastoral

10 Oct 2016

Six ways to keep supple

Feeling a bit creaky in your joints? While stiffness is a natural consequence of ageing, staying supple will help you remain active and ward off aches and injury. By health writer Amy Abrahams for Benenden

9 Oct 2016

Appless victims: when no sex is better than soulless Tinder sex

We baby-boomers just look old and desperate and are swiped into oblivion.

6 Oct 2016

The secret to a happy marriage is a laughing matter

Romance has got nothing on humour when it comes to ensuring wedded bliss

5 Oct 2016

Sparkling highlights from the Goldsmiths Fair

A selection of stunning jewellery and silverware from contemporary designers

30 Sep 2016

Why golf is hot right now

Golf is on a high thanks to the Ryder Cup, Olympic gold and suitcase-related mayhem

30 Sep 2016

Five of Europe’s greatest Ryder Cup wins

Thomas Bjørn’s men can take inspiration from these memorable triumphs

29 Sep 2016

The end of the ironing age

With technology steaming ahead, it could be time to say goodbye to our irons

26 Sep 2016

The spruced-up Centre Point casts an ugly shadow over London

The luxury flats in the redeveloped tower are an insult to a city in the grip of a housing crisis

26 Sep 2016

Want to shine at a party? Make like Boris and Rachel

How to survive the party season

25 Sep 2016

Health myths: Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

There is something visceral about the cracking of knuckles, that spine-tingling popping sound that accompanies the over-extension of the fingers. It is a practice beloved by some, yet irritating to others. But does it cause arthritis? Benenden reports

25 Sep 2016

Gallery: David Bowie’s art collection

The Starman’s private art collection is going under the hammer in November

23 Sep 2016

The Donald, Jacko and me

In 1990, a cub reporter found himself on a private jet with Donald Trump and Michael Jackson. He wasn’t told where they were going. That young journalist was Alex Connock

22 Sep 2016
Georgie Lane-Godfrey edges past Camilla at the finish

Defending paedophile priests

Freddy Gray recalls his various humiliations as a media rent-a-gob

22 Sep 2016

The rise and fall of the Cameron Chumocracy

Untangling the intricate web of trusted old pals who surrounded the Prime Minister… and led him to his downfall

22 Sep 2016

Car of wonder

The new McLaren Spider 650S
handles like an absolute dream

22 Sep 2016

The fight for Notting Hill

Some locals are determined to preserve its soul in the face of bankers, MPs and planners

22 Sep 2016