David Cameron’s choice of welly dampens the mood at Hunter

In Anthony Seldon’s biography Cameron at 10, a curious passage laid bare the Prime Minister’s desire to be seen as…

8 Mar 2016

Jeanette Winterson turns the air blue at Rohan Silva’s bookshop launch

Since leaving No 10, David Cameron’s former special advisor Rohan Silva has rebranded himself as a techpreneur. After launching Second…

25 Feb 2016

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Cinemas from 25 March

25 Feb 2016

Twenty20 World Cup

Various venues, from 11 March

25 Feb 2016

Ellie Goulding

Various venues, from 8 March

25 Feb 2016

The Caretaker

Old Vic, from 26 March

25 Feb 2016


Royal Albert Hall, 25 March

25 Feb 2016


Cinemas from 11 March

25 Feb 2016

Live blog: The Oscars

Sunday 28th February, from 11.30pm

25 Feb 2016

Battle of the sexes brewing over the Press Awards

After the nominations for the 2015 Press Awards were unveiled to much fanfare this week, excitement soon turned to anger as…

18 Feb 2016

Alan Yentob finds there’s no rest for the wicked at the BBC

The Italian Riviera came to Notting Hill this week for the launch of Chucs, the clothing boutique which doubles up as…

12 Feb 2016

Live Blog: EE British Academy Film Awards

Lloyd Evans, Melissa Kite, Jasper Rees, Emily Hill and Toby Young live blog the red carpet and the highlight show…

12 Feb 2016

Oscars race row takes centre stage at Standard film awards

As awards season gets underway, racial equality has become the top subject of conversation in the surrounding press coverage. Will…

9 Feb 2016

Class war! Protesters try to bar Damian Lewis from state school event… because he went to Eton

It’s a tough time to be an Old Etonian. Just ask Damian Lewis. The Homeland actor has suggested in the…

26 Jan 2016

Lisa Hilton’s new book sexes up Sotheby’s

With the publishing industry no longer what it used to be, Lord Dalmeny felt the need to make sure no penniless writers got the…

22 Jan 2016

Rhodes mustn’t fall

As a person of colour of South African heritage who was lucky enough to go to Oxford, I was ashamed…

20 Jan 2016

Trump and the Brits

I don’t suppose Trump will lose much sleep over the debate in the House of Commons about whether to admit…

18 Jan 2016

Apparently, I’m the Basil Fawlty of the English country house

Thanks to personal and insulting attacks on TripAdvisor, I’m thinking of giving up the personal tours of my home I have been providing since I was 15 years old

12 Jan 2016

Botticelli and Treasures from the Hamilton Collection

Courtauld Gallery, from 18 February

11 Jan 2016

The Encounter

Barbican, 12 February

11 Jan 2016

Ennio Morricone

02 Arena, 5 February

11 Jan 2016