What would we do without 90s nostalgia?

Partying like its 1999 is all the rage but is 90s nostalgia stopping us from forming trends of our own?

22 Jul 2019

Wally Funk: how sexism stopped a woman from stepping foot on the moon

In 1961, Wally Funk passed all the physical tests required to become an astronaut, even beating John Glenn of the Mercury 7. But her journey into space wasn’t to be.

19 Jul 2019

Dine at the top of London’s gherkin this weekend

Our weekly bitesize guide to what to see and do in London each weekend – from art and theatre to the best places to eat and drink

18 Jul 2019

Why it’s OK to fancy a cartoon animal

The 90s was the golden era of Disney cartoons and who didn’t develop a crush on one of their cartoon animals at some point?

17 Jul 2019

In pictures: The Lion King Premiere

All the action from the red carpet of Disney’s live action remake of The Lion King, starring Beyonce.

16 Jul 2019

The best drinks to name your children after

After a mother came under fire for naming her children Tiamarie and Jackdaniel, here are the other drinks that make for unusual monikers

16 Jul 2019

Try a cocktail fair and a rooftop cinema in London this weekend

From a cocktail fair to a new panoramic dining spot, here’s what to see and do in the capital this weekend

11 Jul 2019

The 7 social media habits we won’t admit to

We’re all masters of curating our own lives online but are we really convincing anyone?

10 Jul 2019

The best summer reads for 2019

There is something for everyone on the bookshop shelves this summer – from literary fiction, boxing and Brexit to a memoir about food and grief.

5 Jul 2019

Where to watch Wimbledon this weekend

Wondering what to do in London this weekend? Treat yourself to Wimbledon themed strawberries and cream, live tennis screenings and a ping pong bar with our guide to where to watch the tennis. Or check out the glorious Valloton exhibition at the Royal Academy.

4 Jul 2019

Have Boris and Hunt got the Churchill factor?

Winston Churchill has been the barometer of great leadership since the Second World War. But what would Hunt and Boris have done if they were Prime Minister 1939?

2 Jul 2019

A tale of two Glastonburys: what the village thinks about the festival

Glastonbury village is a world away from the festival that made its name and the relationship between the two is far from harmonious

28 Jun 2019

Try a wine car boot sale in London this weekend

From a wine festival in King’s Cross to Karaoke in Borough, here’s what to see and do in the capital

27 Jun 2019

A woke guide to holidays

Spend a week with polar bears and share the results on Instagram. Embark on a colonial guilt tour. Help Britain reduce its international plastic burden by taking all your rubbish home with you.

26 Jun 2019

Last orders for Soho’s infamous Coach and Horses

The eighties were renowned for their drunkenness and much of it took place at this iconic Soho drinking hole

25 Jun 2019

London’s best animal experiences

Living in London can make you feel far from nature. But these five animal experiences will put you back in touch with the animal kingdom in no time at all.

24 Jun 2019

Why algorithms are destroying the music industry

Ed Sheeran made his name through live gigs but now it’s algorithms that determine who and what we listen to

24 Jun 2019

London has a new night market

Our guide to what to see and do in the capital this weekend, from food and bars to theatre

20 Jun 2019

The surprising day jobs of famous authors

The careers of our most famous authors are often surprising. Stephen King was a school janitor before becoming a bestselling novelist and Hillary Mantel was a social worker.

19 Jun 2019
Comedian Jo Brand

How to tell a joke in 2019

Jo Brand got into hot water with her joke about Nigel Farage, so what are the new rules for modern humour?

18 Jun 2019

Watch a floating movie and swing into the 1920s this weekend

Check out this week’s London Fix for a bitesize roundup of what to see and do in the capital

13 Jun 2019

Tory Leadership contest: who reads what?

Jeremy Corbyn famously doesn’t read books but how do the Tory leadership candidates fare? From Fantastic Mr Fox to the Fountainhead, we reveal their favourite titles.

13 Jun 2019

6 reasons why women aren’t funny

Women can’t possibly be funnier than men and here’s why.

12 Jun 2019

London’s secret gardens

Avoid the crowded parks this summer and discover the city’s hidden gardens

12 Jun 2019

A potted history of political drug use

From Winston Churchill to William Wilberforce, drug use has always been rife in British politics

11 Jun 2019

Love Island is great entertainment but is it exploitative?

While the Jeremy Kyle Show came under fire for its ethics, Love Island has survived unscathed

10 Jun 2019