The hidden joy of wearing a mask

Maybe we all need a break from ourselves.

30 Jul 2020

Les grandes vacances: six novels that will take you to France

Wherever you are this summer, you can still hop across La Manche.

30 Jul 2020

Finding Freedom: Which royal biographies caused the biggest stir?

A look back at previous tomes which have rattled Royal cages.

29 Jul 2020

A Suitable Boy: Seven films to watch that are set in India

The BBC’s new adaptation is far from the first depiction of India on the silver screen.

28 Jul 2020

July 31st: Which London station did J.K. Rowling mistake for King’s Cross?

Look no further for your weekly dose of topical trivia.

25 Jul 2020

Word of the week: Decolonise

Spectator Life’s satirist brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

24 Jul 2020

Who is John David Washington – the new star of TENET?

Denzel Washington’s son and former NFL player is taking Hollywood by storm

23 Jul 2020

8 westerns to watch this weekend

Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Quentin Tarantino is trying their hand at the genre.

22 Jul 2020

The favourite holiday spots of British artists

From William Morris’s favourite folly to Antony Gormley’s Norfolk estate.

21 Jul 2020

9 sporting events to watch out for this summer

From the FA cup final to the British Grand Prix, sport is back with a bang.

20 Jul 2020

July 24th: why did Peter Sellers once turn up naked at Spike Milligan’s door?

Look no further for your weekly dose of topical trivia.

18 Jul 2020

What Gangs of London gets right about gang culture

The new Sky Atlantic series is a remarkably frank portrayal of what it’s like to be embroiled in organised crime.

17 Jul 2020

Five unmissable summer reads

From a twisted tale about close-knit sisters to a rogue lexicographer, here are the tomes you won’t want to miss.

17 Jul 2020

Rule Britannia: six of the best films about royals

No other institution has the same glamour and pageantry attached to it.

15 Jul 2020

What to see in London’s newly opened galleries

From Titian to Aubrey Beardsley, socially distant exhibitions are now up and running in the capital.

15 Jul 2020

What’s new on Netflix for summer 2020

From Cate Blanchett’s Stateless to Will Ferrell’s Eurovision send up, here’s what to watch.

14 Jul 2020

July 17th: Which country declared itself a sovereign state in 1992?

Your dose of topical trivia for each day of the week.

11 Jul 2020
Lin-Manuel Miranda's Final Performance In "Hamilton" On Broadway

Why Hamilton’s ‘adoption’ may be more significant than we realise

The hero of the hit musical was an orphan who flourished because someone saw his potential as a child.

10 Jul 2020

The name’s not Bond: the best cinematic rivals to 007

Many a director has tried to topple Bond – to varying degrees of success.

9 Jul 2020

Comedy can bring us back together (if we’ll let it)

Nothing unites like live laughter – it’s time comedy clubs were opened.

7 Jul 2020

What’s new to watch on Amazon Prime

From Rocketman to Alex Rider – wile away those lazy summer evenings with a new film or series.

7 Jul 2020

July 10th: which rude hotelier inspired Fawlty Towers?

John Cleese once stayed in a Torquay hotel that inspired the hit series.

4 Jul 2020

Military Wives captures the lost joy of collective singing

It will be a long time before we can sing together again.

3 Jul 2020

Word of the week: History

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era defining words.

3 Jul 2020

The best BAFTA-winning TV shows

Seven small-screen hits that have racked up the gongs.

2 Jul 2020

Football pundits flip flop on whether to wear BLM badges

Players and commentators are conflicted about the political direction of the BLM organisation.

2 Jul 2020