Word of the week: Proms

Spectator Life’s satirist brings the lyrics of Rule Britannia bang up to date.

28 Aug 2020

Back to the future: the best films about time travel

Time travel and cinema have always made for a perfect pairing.

27 Aug 2020

The best of British satire: 7 vintage shows that still raise a smile

From Bremner, Bird and Fortune to The Frost Report.

27 Aug 2020

The upside of Covid-19

A sense of peril could be exactly what young people need.

26 Aug 2020

8 films featuring poisonings: from The Beguiled to Erin Brockovich

The alleged attempted murder of Russia’s Opposition leader has put poisonings back in the spotlight.

25 Aug 2020

How a small island masterminded the modern music festival

In 1970, the Isle of Wight played host to six times its native population – and changed the festival for good.

24 Aug 2020

August 28th: Shania Twain suffered from stage fright so badly at school that she did what?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life.

22 Aug 2020

Word of the week: the new normal

Spectator Life’s satirist brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

21 Aug 2020

8 Netflix shows starring British actors

From David Tennant in Jessica Jones to Martin Freeman in Fargo.

21 Aug 2020

Who is the best James Bond?

The answer, according to a new poll, is surprising.

20 Aug 2020

Parliament on screen: which film best captures Westminster?

SW1A has seen its fair share of film-worthy scandals

18 Aug 2020

Six books with memorable twists

Plot can be a dirty word in literary fiction but these bestsellers are all about the well-timed denouement.

18 Aug 2020

August 21st: How are Kim Cattrall and Ringo Starr connected?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia.

16 Aug 2020

The rise of the prequel: from X-men to Hannibal

A good prequel can offer new and unexpected twists on familiar characters.

14 Aug 2020

The best crime shows on Netflix

There is a deep and historic synergy between cinema and encounters with the law.

13 Aug 2020

10 films that feature masks

Mask-wearing was a motif in the movies long before it became mandatory elsewhere.

12 Aug 2020

It’s all in a name: the stories behind book dedications

Authors have used their dedications to make quips, settle scores and remember loved ones.

12 Aug 2020

War of the words: have we stopped making sense?

Much of today’s language is designed to befuddle and divide rather than explain.

11 Aug 2020

August 14th: what inspired Halle Berry’s name?

Look no further for your weekly dose of topical trivia.

7 Aug 2020

Word of the week: Spike

Spectator Life’s satirist brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

7 Aug 2020

Are the new Spitting Image puppets too tame?

The new show needs to throw caution to the wind if it’s going to succeed.

6 Aug 2020

From Russia with love: 12 films set in the former Soviet Union

Russia has reappeared in the headlines recently but how is it depicted in the movies?

6 Aug 2020

The best road trip films to watch this summer

Whether you’re roaming free or staying put this summer, these classic movies capture the thrill of life on the road.

4 Aug 2020

August 6th: how was Barbara Windsor’s ‘bra flying off’ scene achieved?

Look no further for your weekly dose of topical trivia.

1 Aug 2020

The best stand-up comedy on Netflix

The cancellation of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – Britain’s biggest stand-up festival – will have been a serious blow for…

31 Jul 2020

Word of the week: self-educate

Spectator Life’s satirist brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

31 Jul 2020