9 statues that are ripe for removal

From Christ the Redeemer to Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s time statue-toppling went global.

17 Jun 2020

Russell Brand’s brain fog over Edward Colston

The comedian speaks his mind on the events in Bristol and why he thinks Churchill is just as bad as Hitler.

17 Jun 2020

7 problematic films that are yet to be cancelled

Forget Fawlty Towers – it’s only a matter of time before these classics cause a Twitterstorm.

16 Jun 2020

The best comedy podcasts to brighten your day

From Katherine Ryan to Frank Skinner, give yourself something to smile about on the commute.

16 Jun 2020

The art of the deal: why more artists are getting trademarks

High-end artists are now dipping their toe in the commercial world in an effort to shore up their finances.

16 Jun 2020

Table Talk with Greta Bellamacina, plus a lamb vindaloo recipe

The actress and poet talks about her favourite Indian restaurant and what it was like on the Harry Potter set.

15 Jun 2020

Six films that explore racism in America

Take a look behind the headlines with the help of these films and documentaries.

15 Jun 2020

Weekly trivia: how did the ‘black power’ salute come about?

The gloved one-fisted gesture during the 1968 Olympics turned out differently to what was planned. Mark Mason brings you a fact for each day of lockdown.

13 Jun 2020

A handy guide to statue-toppling

When your grand-children ask you what you did during the Great #CulturalCleansing, you can proudly say that you pulled your weight.

12 Jun 2020

Will there be any TV left by Monday?

From Little Britain to the Might Boosh, British comedy is up for the chop but are these shows really guilty as charged?

12 Jun 2020

Little Fires Everywhere only tells half the story about adoption

Adoptive father and foster carer Krish Kandiah on what the series gets right and wrong.

11 Jun 2020

A flying start: 7 films with unusual beginnings

From The Truman Show to Battle Royale, the start of a movie is what often gives it its cult status.

11 Jun 2020

The return of the drive-in movie: find a cinema near you

This retro American import is being revived for the Covid era so why not discover your nearest screening?

10 Jun 2020

Why John Boyega’s protest speech is worth a listen

The Hollywood actor’s ‘career-ending’ speech was more nuanced than many realise.

9 Jun 2020

Six iconic films about protest

These films all deal, in entirely different ways, with questions of oppression and the ways in which people speak out and act against it.

8 Jun 2020

Weekly trivia: what inspired Orwell to create Room 101?

And what unusual sound effect was used in Raiders of the Lost Ark? We bring you a fact for each day of lockdown.

6 Jun 2020

Six geopolitical thrillers to watch this weekend

We bring you our go-to movies for globe-hopping politics.

5 Jun 2020

How to draw a virus: spare a thought for the Covid-19 cartoonists

It’s hard work being a cartoonist in a pandemic – everyone’s pencil is circling around the same ideas.

4 Jun 2020

The best short novels to read in lockdown

Ignore the weighty tomes and opt for something you know you’ll finish.

4 Jun 2020

A beginner’s guide to exiting lockdown

For all the bravado of lockdown’s most endless repeated refrain – can’t wait to go to the pub! – I…

3 Jun 2020

Chalk of the town: how hopscotch reclaimed Britain’s streets

Hopscotch has been rediscovered by the Covid generation but what lies behind its enduring appeal?

2 Jun 2020

Podcast: That’s Life with Vanity von Glow

The outspoken drag queen joins us for a sideways look at what’s been going on in the news.

1 Jun 2020

Weekly trivia: what are Rafael Nadal’s tennis superstitions?

Mark Mason shares a fact for each day of lockdown.

31 May 2020

Word of the week: Exit

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era-defining words

29 May 2020

8 back-to-school movies to watch this weekend

Celebrate the end of lockdown with these classroom classics.

29 May 2020

9 shows to watch ahead of the U.S. Election

With only six months to go, it’s time to indulge your inner political geek.

27 May 2020