Word of the week: cancelled

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you his dictionary of era-defining words

6 Dec 2019

Why Jake Gyllenhaal reciting E.E. Cummings is an advertising masterstroke

Jake Gyllenhaal recites an EE Cummings poem in the new Calvin Klein advert but what does the choice of poem reveal?

25 Nov 2019

A guide to the most pointless jobs of 2019

From diversity practitioners to sustainability directors, the world of work is awash with useless careers

25 Nov 2019

All hail the new CofE: The Church of Extinction

Join Extinction Rebellion in eradicating the fumes of human sin and worshipping planet earth

13 Nov 2019

London’s theatres are falling apart

‘Don’t clap too hard. It’s a very old building,’ washed-out Archie Rice said in John Osborne’s The Entertainer (1957).  London’s West End…

7 Nov 2019

Is your fad speak up to date?

Our culture is changing at a rapid pace. It wasn’t very long ago, that people felt part of their community,…

24 Oct 2019

A brief history of royal run-ins with the press

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are certainly not the first royals to suffer from a PR crisis

23 Oct 2019

4 alternative ways to leave the EU

Perhaps it’s time to think outside the box on Brexit

22 Oct 2019

Why I regret inventing the innocent smoothie brand

Now all brands spend their lives trying to sound zany, matey and nice

22 Oct 2019

If Britain’s young love Europe so much why aren’t they learning the lingo?

The sharp decline in the number of Brits learning a language suggests that remainers’ love of Europe is only skin deep

18 Oct 2019

Why Coleen Rooney should not be seen as a victim

The dispute between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy shows us how today’s WAGs operate more like CEOs

16 Oct 2019

How “cancel culture” got out of hand

Can anyone remember life before Brexit? In the years immediately BBB (Back Before Brexit), it seemed we were suffering from…

11 Oct 2019

A woke guide to climate change protesting

Visionaries who foresee the coming apocalypse are taking action. Will you join them?

10 Oct 2019

The only way to stay in love with London is to leave it

The trick to mastering London is to avoid the hassle of living there and yet pop in for the perks

3 Oct 2019

7 films to prepare you for a no deal Brexit

From stockpiling to learning to reconcile with the enemy, these films will prepare you for every eventuality

3 Oct 2019

Why I don’t regret my decision to be childless

Children are an ongoing irritation for those of us who have chosen not to have them

26 Sep 2019

The six wittiest Labour MPs

Last month, I wrote a piece for this auspicious publication on the Wittiest Conservatives. And now: Labour conference is here…

24 Sep 2019

That’s Life with comedian Simon Evans

Tune in for a sideways look at the people, ideas and events that have shaped the recent news agenda.

23 Sep 2019

Five things we’d all like to prorogue

Whether it’s Monday mornings or old age, we could all do with a bit of proroguing

20 Sep 2019

Boris Johnson’s guide to staging a coup

The Brexit coup is real. We live in fear over what Boris Johnson will do next.

16 Sep 2019

6 reasons why you should join the Brexit Party

It gives you the perfect way out of a dull conversation and, besides, who doesn’t look good in teal?

10 Sep 2019

What to do when you’ve been deselected as an MP

Shorn of their overloads in number 10, the sky’s the limit for a sacked MP

6 Sep 2019

Greta’s guide to sailing the Atlantic

Greta’s voyage of sacrifice will teach us the error of our ways

27 Aug 2019

6 reasons why it’s better to be single in Downing Street

More room for pets and the best Tinder photo imaginable are just some of the reasons why it’s better to fly solo in the top job

21 Aug 2019

The five most hysterical reactions to a no deal Brexit

Whether it’s KFC running out of chicken or a shortage of premier league footballers, no deal hysteria has reached new heights

20 Aug 2019

A poet’s guide to the Lake District

From Wordsworth to Coleridge, the Lake District comes alive through the lens of its poets

19 Aug 2019