Woman's Hour editors Sandra Chalmers (1940 - 2015) and Wyn Knowles (1923 - 2010) (Getty)

Is it time to cancel Woman’s Hour?

The programme’s very title seems anachronistic and faintly ridiculous.

26 Feb 2020

8 TV shows you can’t discuss in the office

From Love Island to Dr Who, be careful what you bring up at the water cooler.

26 Feb 2020

Storm in a teacup: six times politicians wrecked food brands

Rishi Sunak’s run-in with Yorkshire tea isn’t the first time a political endorsement has backfired.

25 Feb 2020

Word of the week: hate speech

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

21 Feb 2020

The unsavoury truth behind Oxbridge admission figures

Why disadvantaged Oxbridge applicants are still missing out

21 Feb 2020

A handy guide to climate vandalism

Extinction Rebellion have much to teach us about digging for victory.

19 Feb 2020

The best Oscar-winning films to watch on Netflix

Choose from these six award-winning flicks that have stood the test of time.

19 Feb 2020

That’s Life with Julia Hartley-Brewer

The journalist and TalkRadio host joins us for a sideways look at the news agenda.

18 Feb 2020

The harsh truth about Caroline Flack’s death: we’re all to blame

It’s time we took a look at our merciless online culture.

18 Feb 2020

 Word of the week: net zero

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

14 Feb 2020
Kanye West (Getty)

7 celebrities Downing Street should hire

Dominic Cummings is on a recruitment drive and he could do far worse than Kanye West.

13 Feb 2020
Fauda, Netflix

The best foreign language films to watch on Netflix

Parasite’s Oscar win shows that now is a good time to embrace subtitles on Netflix

11 Feb 2020

12 thinkers’ video games to play in 2020

Forget the shoot me ups – here are 12 games to tax your brain.

11 Feb 2020

How the oscars podium turned into a pulpit

How did we arrive at a place where the primary purpose of an oscars speech is to convert people to a cause?

10 Feb 2020

Word of the week: BBC

Andy Shaw brings you his dictionary of era-defining words

7 Feb 2020

Four defences of free speech that everyone should read

Every generation, and individual, has to rediscover the arguments for free speech for themselves.  Some people learn from major incidents.  Some when…

6 Feb 2020

Would you pay $2,500 to attend a race education dinner party?

The rise of ‘Race to dinner’ in America has exposed an absurd appetite amongst the Western elites to atone for their unconscious bias

5 Feb 2020

David Mitchell: ‘we are living in quite humourless times’

The Peep Show star talks to Robert Jackman about Twitter mobs, capitalism and his new West End play

4 Feb 2020

10 tweets that started wars

From Laurence Fox to Donald Trump, the stakes of a twitter spat in 2020 could not be higher.

4 Feb 2020

Is a woke reboot of Friends really necessary?

According to Schwimmer, the original cast of Friends was too white. His solution? An ‘all black’ or ‘all asian’ reboot.

3 Feb 2020

A short dictionary of Brexit

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you his glossary of era defining words.

31 Jan 2020

Where to see Caravaggio’s paintings in Rome

Lovers of Caravaggio are particularly well served by the Eternal City.

31 Jan 2020

9 grown-up festivals for 2020

Find the best kind of crowd this summer, from jazz to comedy.

30 Jan 2020

Six leaning towers to rival Pisa

Revealed: the fascinating tales behind their tilts.

30 Jan 2020

The best war films to watch on Netflix

As 1917 battles it out at the Oscars, we take a look at the other war films worth streaming online.

29 Jan 2020

That’s Life with comedian Konstantin Kisin

Are we witnessing the end of woke-ism and why did the public love Laurence Fox on Question Time? Konstantin joins Spectator Life’s satirists Andy Shaw and Benedict Spence for a sideways look at the news.

29 Jan 2020