November 28th: What was the name of Shakespeare’s first child?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life.

28 Nov 2020

A handy guide to going Green

Boris has announced a Green industrial revolution. Be prepared!

27 Nov 2020

“I wish her well”: a guide to Westminster’s secret language

Things are never quite as they seem in SW1.

26 Nov 2020

The best heist films to watch this weekend

Because nothing’s more gripping than a high-stakes robbery.

26 Nov 2020

The rise of the royal pooch

Showing off your canine is the oldest PR trick in the book.

26 Nov 2020

Seven films to help you escape

With a little help from Hollywood you can forget all about the pandemic.

25 Nov 2020

Meet the real-life gangsters who inspired Guys and Dolls

The criminals behind the hit musical are as lively as the characters they spawned.

24 Nov 2020

The Pogues saga says more about us than the BBC

Was the reaction to the song’s censorship knee-jerk or needed?

20 Nov 2020

10 throwback films to watch this weekend

Here’s how to forget all about lockdown 2.0

20 Nov 2020

Ten classic children’s books to buy for Christmas

The best children’s stories are as captivating for adults as they are for young readers.

20 Nov 2020

November 24th: How did ‘Lucy’ our oldest human ancestor get her name?

Your weekly dose of lockdown trivia from Spectator Life.

20 Nov 2020

Seven portrayals of Mrs T on screen

Gillian Anderson is far from the first actress to play the Iron Lady.

19 Nov 2020

There’s more to The Queen’s Gambit than chess

Cinema loves an orphan prodigy but how true to life is the trope?

18 Nov 2020

The wonder of winter fungi

At this time of year, you’ll find fungi fruiting almost anywhere.

17 Nov 2020

The best films that were panned by the critics

The reviews don’t always spot the classics in the making.

17 Nov 2020

November 17th: Which US state is named after Elizabeth I?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life.

14 Nov 2020

The new Covid religion

Is the end in sight or is it nigh?

13 Nov 2020

10 films about wine

Raise a glass to these vino themed movies.

13 Nov 2020

8 comfort reads to get you through lockdown

You can always rely on the familiar classics to take your mind elsewhere.

12 Nov 2020

Ten underrated thrillers

From big budget star vehicles to smaller scale pictures, here’s what to watch.

11 Nov 2020

Seven new jobs for Donald Trump

What next after the White House?

10 Nov 2020

The best geopolitical podcasts to listen to during lockdown

From North Korea to the Middle East, go behind the headlines with the experts.

10 Nov 2020

Your ultimate lockdown film guide

From cult classics to undiscovered series, here’s what to watch during your month in.

7 Nov 2020

November 9th: Which royal diamond is the largest ever found?

Spectator Life’s weekly dose of lockdown trivia.

7 Nov 2020

10 films about confinement

Glean some lockdown survival tips from the movies.

6 Nov 2020

A handy guide to the Covid jobs plan

It’s Rishi to the rescue.

6 Nov 2020