Lin-Manuel Miranda's Final Performance In "Hamilton" On Broadway

Why Hamilton’s ‘adoption’ may be more significant than we realise

The hero of the hit musical was an orphan who flourished because someone saw his potential as a child.

10 Jul 2020

The name’s not Bond: the best cinematic rivals to 007

Many a director has tried to topple Bond – to varying degrees of success.

9 Jul 2020

Comedy can bring us back together (if we’ll let it)

Nothing unites like live laughter – it’s time comedy clubs were opened.

7 Jul 2020

What’s new to watch on Amazon Prime

From Rocketman to Alex Rider – wile away those lazy summer evenings with a new film or series.

7 Jul 2020

July 10th: which rude hotelier inspired Fawlty Towers?

John Cleese once stayed in a Torquay hotel that inspired the hit series.

4 Jul 2020

Military Wives captures the lost joy of collective singing

It will be a long time before we can sing together again.

3 Jul 2020

Word of the week: History

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era defining words.

3 Jul 2020

The best BAFTA-winning TV shows

Seven small-screen hits that have racked up the gongs.

2 Jul 2020

Football pundits flip flop on whether to wear BLM badges

Players and commentators are conflicted about the political direction of the BLM organisation.

2 Jul 2020

The best Independence Day films to watch on 4th July

From patriotic war flicks to out and out satire we bring you the very best of Americana for July 4th

1 Jul 2020

‘You’re fired!’: the best movies where characters get the chop

Firing has never been more popular – from Keir Starmer’s lightning bolt dismissal of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet…

30 Jun 2020

7 Christopher Nolan films to watch while you wait for Tenet

This August, if all is well, Christopher Nolan’s eleventh film, Tenet, will be released in cinemas around the world. The…

29 Jun 2020

The week in facts: who stopped Mike Tyson from hitting on Naomi Campbell?

And what weapon was used to assassinate US President James Garfield? We bring you a fact for each day of lockdown.

27 Jun 2020

An old classic reborn: The 911 Porsche Targa 4S reviewed

This reincarnation of Porsche’s soft top model goes to town on its vintage vibe.

26 Jun 2020

A handy guide to fighting racism

Atone for your unconscious bias with these seven easy steps.

26 Jun 2020

8 Vietnam movies to rival Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods

A spate of modern films about Vietnam are assessing the conflict from a different perspective.

25 Jun 2020

Does Meghan have her eye on the White House?

The Duchess of Sussex wouldn’t be the first to swap the silver screen for politics.

24 Jun 2020

In praise of rugby chants

Fans should be able to sing what they like from the stands.

23 Jun 2020

Six films inspired by true events

Truth is stranger than fiction, as the old adage has it.

23 Jun 2020

That’s Life with Leo Kearse

The award-winning Scottish comedian joins us for a sideways look at the news.

23 Jun 2020

Will Kristen Stewart sink or swim as Princess Diana?

Kristen Stewart might not have been the obvious choice for the role but she has more in common with the late Princess than many realise.

22 Jun 2020

Five times Beyoncé gets political in new song Black Parade

Queen Bey has laced her new lyrics with multiple political references – from protests to the pandemic.

20 Jun 2020

The week in facts: how did Batman get his name?

And what was Denis Thatcher’s first wife called? We bring you a fact for each day of lockdown.

20 Jun 2020

Word of the week: far-right

Spectator Life’s satirist Andy Shaw brings you a dictionary of era-defining words.

19 Jun 2020

7 political diarists to read

Conjure up the best of Westminster while parliament sits remotely.

18 Jun 2020

9 statues that are ripe for removal

From Christ the Redeemer to Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s time statue-toppling went global.

17 Jun 2020