Word of the week: Firebreak

Mark Drakeford thought long and hard about what to call the Welsh lockdown…

23 Oct 2020

10 films featuring iconic debates

Indulge in some on-screen sparring ahead of the second presidential debate.

22 Oct 2020

Has Covid killed off casual church goers like me?

Booking a space on a pew could be the final straw.

22 Oct 2020

Ten Daphne du Maurier adaptations to watch after Rebecca

du Maurier’s best novels seem tailor-made for the screen.

21 Oct 2020

10 films featuring Daniel Craig

As we await the arrival of the new James Bond film, why not watch one of these other Craig classics?

20 Oct 2020

Seven poetry collections every child should read

A novel is like a long, warm drink, but a poem is a spike through the head

19 Oct 2020

October 20th: What did Beatles fans steal from Paul McCartney’s girlfriend?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life

17 Oct 2020

Six detective films to watch this weekend

The classic who-dunnit formula never gets tired.

16 Oct 2020

Ten films about winter

There’s something comforting about sitting at home in the warm and watching a film about chillier climes.

14 Oct 2020

The Great Covid Quiz

From the comfort of your own home, you can take part in The Great Covid Quiz and win! The government…

9 Oct 2020

Cinema’s most iconic shoot-outs

Ever since one of the first films ever made, 1903’s The Great Train Robbery, ended with the image of a…

8 Oct 2020

The best crime fiction to read this autumn

From suspense to plot twists – these five reads deliver it all.

8 Oct 2020

The best films about coups d’état

As these films show, overthrowing the government is no mean feat.

6 Oct 2020

Who’s who in the Fox dynasty

Outspoken actor Laurence Fox isn’t the only famous name in his family.

3 Oct 2020

October 3rd: What was John Lennon’s middle name?

Every weekend the Spectator brings you doses of topical trivia – facts, figures and anecdotes inspired by the current week’s…

3 Oct 2020

Seven films with iconic battle scenes

Creating a compelling conflict on screen is easier said than done.

2 Oct 2020

A handy guide to having fun

As the pandemic rolls on, how can we inject a bit of jollity into our lives?

2 Oct 2020

The art of the deal: 10 films about negotiations

The Brexit negotiations are gaining pace but how are deals struck in Hollywood?

29 Sep 2020

September 28th: Where did Napoleon come in his class?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life.

26 Sep 2020

Word of the week: Circuit Break

When the power is turned back on again, let’s hope there is someone who still remembers how to use it.

25 Sep 2020

Seven films with classic car chases

Why not relive the greatest peddle-to-the-metal action scenes.

24 Sep 2020

8 films featuring the Supreme Court

The sad death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg brings to mind all the times the Supreme Court has been captured on the silver screen.

22 Sep 2020

London’s best jazz clubs

With gigs a no-go, why not opt for the capital’s darkened jazz stages?

21 Sep 2020

September 23rd: Why did Ray Charles insist on being paid in single dollar bills?

Your weekly dose of topical trivia from Spectator Life.

19 Sep 2020

A handy guide to ‘the rule of six’

Confused by the new rule? Andy Shaw is here to help.

18 Sep 2020

Theatre is back! 8 (socially distanced) shows to see this autumn

Theatre and the live arts are slowly returning to the capital.

17 Sep 2020