The wish list

Stunning pearl jewellery

Stilettos, feminist? You’re fooling yourself

I have a pile of press cuttings about women who maim people with shoes; there have been 150 violent crimes…

The fox: Friend or foe?

When you see a fox, what do you feel? More than any other animal in Britain, the fox can elicit a…

Heady times as the great hat revival takes off

Everyday headgear is no longer the exclusive realm of the eccentric and attention-seeking

The Wish List

Time is money… so why not mark its passing with a classic heirloom watch?

A festival for the fable-minded

The annual shindig at Port Eliot in Cornwall mines a rich local seam of myth and eccentricity

Is Lewisham really so ’orrible?

It’s scruffy and scary, but things are looking up

The new Fiat 500 is overpriced and oversugared

It’s been improved in some ways, but really, this is like a Walls Cornetto to real Italian gelato

The Wish List

Sparkling jewellery

Not only fools and horses

Peter Robins on the rapid rebranding of Peckham

Fasten victim

Harry Mount asks why he now has to struggle to find a three-button suit

Happiness on wheels

Off to work… in an Aston Martin Vanquish

Live blog: The Oscars

Sunday 28th February, from 11.30pm

Cool rider

Electra’s Townie is at the top of my christmas list

A smile for every mile in a Morgan

Nobody loves you when you roar past in a Ferrari…. but passers by grin and wave at you in a rag-top Plus 4

Death as decor… the art of taxidermy

Want a statement snake or an upside-down giraffe on the ceiling? Here’s where to look

Vauxhall’s next for the hipster cavaliers

London’s least fashionable area is about to be invaded by brigades of men trying to look like D.H. Lawrence

Right on time

Beware being fashionably late or you may start losing your invitations

A restored Perrin Frères pocket watch that began Michel Parmigiani’s career

The art of restoration

Luxury watch restorers have moved into creating their own high-end models

How to buy pre-owned watches

The timepiece market is booming… here’s how to find a bargain that will hold its value

The Wish List

Exclusive timepieces

Booker T Jones

Ronnie Scott’s, 1–4 January

Masters Snooker

Alexandra Palace, 10–17 January

Joseph Calleja

Royal Festival Hall, 22 January