10 phrases to banish for good after coronavirus

From herd immunity to pangolin – Covid-19 deserves a dictionary all of its own.

9 Apr 2020

Is a woke reboot of Friends really necessary?

According to Schwimmer, the original cast of Friends was too white. His solution? An ‘all black’ or ‘all asian’ reboot.

3 Feb 2020

Laughing at Hollywood A listers is a uniquely British business

As we prepare ourselves for more celebrity preaching at the oscars, our natural cynicism might be the perfect antidote.

15 Jan 2020

When Christmas went woke

If we’re not careful, the season of good cheer will become the season of guilt and fear.

17 Dec 2019

Does Jordan Peterson’s carnivore diet work?

Peterson claims his carnivore diet has alleviated his depression but critics have been quick to lambast the diet

5 Nov 2019