Six classic travel documentaries to feed your wanderlust

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30 Mar 2020
Mona Pavillions, Hobart, Australia

Gallery hotels: five of the best to stay in

Art fanatics are taking the gallery experience to a new level. Explore these stylish art hotels from Provence to St Moritz.

28 Jan 2020

The best hotels for book lovers

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29 Oct 2019

The best boutique country hotels to try this Autumn

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4 Oct 2019

Trees save lives: why doctors are prescribing forest walks

The sense of wellbeing that walking in a wood provides is tangible. Strolling through dappled sunlight, the peppery smell of…

11 Jul 2016

The Queen at 90 is as sharp as ever. What’s her secret?

The Queen turns 90 this week and although there will be no big-scale official celebrations, as there were for the…

19 Apr 2016

Welcome to the rehab clinic where sugar addicts learn to go clean

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20 Jan 2016

The big fat Greek diet: how to lose weight while eating stacks of feta and guzzling olive oil

I have lived in Athens for the last six months. I have eaten mountains of feta cheese and consumed whole…

27 Nov 2015

Daylight Saving Time is more than a nuisance — it may be wreaking havoc on our health

God, it was difficult staying up to watch Downton Abbey last night, wasn’t it? After supper at an unfeasibly early…

26 Oct 2015

Cold water bathing — a Victorian craze that really is good for your health

Flinging someone into a freezing pool might not sound like the best cure for a panic attack. Yet recent research…

7 Sep 2015