Why is so much bad science published?

It wasn’t until after my retirement that I had the time to read scientific papers in medical journals with anything…

6 Jun 2017

David Sellu, a surgeon wrongly jailed

When Mr David Sellu, an experienced and respected colorectal surgeon, was found guilty of the manslaughter of one of his…

24 May 2017

The medical (and legal) consequences of looking at your phone in bed

It’s not my fault I look at my emails 24 hours a day — so who can I sue?

20 Oct 2016

Charity workers are happier — is it because of doing good, or just feeling good?

A lengthy paper in the Journal of Economic Psychology (54 (2016) 64 – 84), lyrically titled ‘“… Do it with…

7 Jun 2016

Thinking inside the witness box

The best expert witnesses are seldom the most eminent men in their field

5 May 2016
‘Shall we go or shall we stay?’ Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan in

C’est la vie

Whenever I return to England from my home in France I am struck at once by the number of grossly…

5 Mar 2016

The decline of references is a helping hand to mediocrity

They have been almost contentless for years, ever since the subjects were granted the right to read them

18 Feb 2016

Notes on notes

Something has been lost with the digitising of medical notes

22 Oct 2015

The bureaucrats’ boom

Is it time to put a halt on professional management ruining our public services?

9 May 2015

Curing hypochondria

These days it’s difficult not to be ill. In fact, it’s impossible to be well. Few of us do not…

21 Feb 2015

Percentage error

Medicine is a science, but not an exact one. Despite its inexactitude, however, its progress has been startling, and no…

22 Nov 2014

When death is a side effect

  ‘Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?’ ‘To the curious incident of…

27 Sep 2014

This is madness

Professor Sue Bailey, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, recently drew attention to the financial difficulties faced by the…

31 May 2014