The Ferrari Portofino: a car that beguiles strangers

Can a Ferrari ever be understated? The Portofino makes a convincing case.

21 Oct 2020

The school trip that saved my life

He marched us up to the top of a hill, produced a rifle and let us take it in turns to fire into the storm

3 Sep 2020

A car to take flight in: The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe reviewed

Sleek but not showy – Tanya Gold takes the new Jaguar F-type for a spin.

4 Aug 2020

A car for the mistress: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet reviewed

Meet the model that moved even the doughty and responsible What Car? to poetry.

1 Jul 2020

Military precision: what it’s like to drive the Rolls Royce Ghost

The Queen of England owns an armoured claret Bentley limousine, which is very fine. But if you want diamond-fretted paintwork…

25 May 2020

The Toyota Supra is the perfect car for the Apocalypse

It’s time to do away with the supercar aspirations and get something practical yet sporty instead.

2 Apr 2020

Why my love affair with the Aston Martin is not about to end

Tanya Gold takes the Aston Martin Superleggera out on a driving date.

20 Feb 2020

Spend the weekend in…Bath

It may have been built for leisure but Bath’s rich layers of roman and Georgian history make it England’s finest city

26 Nov 2019

Wally Funk: how sexism stopped a woman from stepping foot on the moon

In 1961, Wally Funk passed all the physical tests required to become an astronaut, even beating John Glenn of the Mercury 7. But her journey into space wasn’t to be.

19 Jul 2019

A taste of luxury in Los Angeles

A tour of the most exclusive restaurants in Beverly Hills is too rich for Tanya Gold

19 Sep 2018

Stilettos, feminist? You’re fooling yourself

I have a pile of press cuttings about women who maim people with shoes; there have been 150 violent crimes…

23 Jun 2016