Films to look out for in 2021

For cinema goers 2020 was understandably a year of thin gruel. The advent of Covid-19 meant that many films banking on…

11 Jan 2021

10 films about the final days of rulers

Donald Trump isn’t the only leader to have resisted his departure.

7 Jan 2021

Ten films for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is bound to be less brash this year – some would ever say melancholic. Strangely many classic…

29 Dec 2020

10 films inspired by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s lively books aren’t always the easiest to translate onto screen.

24 Dec 2020

9 films about surprise deliveries

Be careful what you wish for this Christmas.

22 Dec 2020

Seven of the best Charles Dickens adaptations

There’s no writer more synonymous with Christmas than Dickens.

21 Dec 2020

10 Yuletide movies with a British setting

British Christmas filming locations range from the the enchanting (the village of Shere in Surrey) to the prosaic (South Mimms…

17 Dec 2020

Le Carré on screen: 8 adaptations that rival the novels

The author’s finest works seem tailor made for the screen.

15 Dec 2020

10 films about wine

Raise a glass to these vino themed movies.

13 Nov 2020

Ten underrated thrillers

From big budget star vehicles to smaller scale pictures, here’s what to watch.

11 Nov 2020

10 films about confinement

Glean some lockdown survival tips from the movies.

6 Nov 2020

The 10 best films about elections

Cinema loves nothing more than a high stakes contest.

4 Nov 2020

10 films featuring iconic debates

Indulge in some on-screen sparring ahead of the second presidential debate.

22 Oct 2020

10 films featuring Daniel Craig

As we await the arrival of the new James Bond film, why not watch one of these other Craig classics?

20 Oct 2020

Ten films about winter

There’s something comforting about sitting at home in the warm and watching a film about chillier climes.

14 Oct 2020

The best films about coups d’état

As these films show, overthrowing the government is no mean feat.

6 Oct 2020

The art of the deal: 10 films about negotiations

The Brexit negotiations are gaining pace but how are deals struck in Hollywood?

29 Sep 2020

8 films featuring the Supreme Court

The sad death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg brings to mind all the times the Supreme Court has been captured on the silver screen.

22 Sep 2020

8 films featuring poisonings: from The Beguiled to Erin Brockovich

The alleged attempted murder of Russia’s Opposition leader has put poisonings back in the spotlight.

25 Aug 2020

Parliament on screen: which film best captures Westminster?

SW1A has seen its fair share of film-worthy scandals

18 Aug 2020

10 films that feature masks

Mask-wearing was a motif in the movies long before it became mandatory elsewhere.

12 Aug 2020

From Russia with love: 12 films set in the former Soviet Union

Russia has reappeared in the headlines recently but how is it depicted in the movies?

6 Aug 2020

8 westerns to watch this weekend

Everyone from Angelina Jolie to Quentin Tarantino is trying their hand at the genre.

22 Jul 2020

The name’s not Bond: the best cinematic rivals to 007

Many a director has tried to topple Bond – to varying degrees of success.

9 Jul 2020

‘You’re fired!’: the best movies where characters get the chop

Firing has never been more popular – from Keir Starmer’s lightning bolt dismissal of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet…

30 Jun 2020

8 Vietnam movies to rival Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods

A spate of modern films about Vietnam are assessing the conflict from a different perspective.

25 Jun 2020