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Terry O’Neill captured celebrity from the start

His photographs defined the democratic post-war age. Stephen Bayley hears the stories behind previously unseen pictures

A restored Perrin Frères pocket watch that began Michel Parmigiani’s career

The art of restoration

Luxury watch restorers have moved into creating their own high-end models

A Frank Gehry building at Paddy McKillen’s architectural theme park in Provence

The house collectors

Gathering bricks and mortar, rather than oil and canvas.

Knock ’Em All Down

Few things look more grim than once pellucid glass turned opaque by the pitiless progress of urban grunge. Alas, concrete…

A series of tubes: Google’s data centre in Douglas County, Georgia — one of eight in the US, Finland and Belgium

The Dirty Internet

Every revolution has its dissenters. And the more interesting the revolution, the more strident the dissent. More than 150 years…