Podcast: That’s Life with Vanity von Glow

The outspoken drag queen joins us for a sideways look at what’s been going on in the news.

1 Jun 2020

10 yurts to stay in this summer

Nothing beats a socially distant staycation like a weekend under canvass.

27 May 2020

Shake it up: iconic hotel cocktails to recreate at home

Whether you’re craving a negroni or a breakfast martini, these recipes will help you pull off the perfect lockdown drink.

14 May 2020

Seven sports you can now play under the new lockdown rules

Lockdown restrictions have changed to allow for more forms of outdoor exercise. Here’s what to try.

11 May 2020

That’s Life with Toby Young

Social commentator Toby Young joins Spectator Life’s satirists to take a sideways look at the news.

7 May 2020

That’s Life with Andrew Doyle

Spectator Life’s satirical writers take a sideways look at the news with Titania McGrath creator Andrew Doyle.

2 Apr 2020

The virtual pub: how to share a digital pint with your friends

Boris Johnson has asked all pubs to close but that’s no reason to forgo your weekly pint.

18 Mar 2020

School report: a round-up of recent stories from the front line in education

A cabinet reshuffle, sex education and single-sex debate

12 Mar 2020

Six famous men who won’t change nappies

The Prime Minister dithered dangerously over the question of whether he’d be changing nappies but who else has been shirking their fatherly duties?

5 Mar 2020

That’s Life with Julia Hartley-Brewer

The journalist and TalkRadio host joins us for a sideways look at the news agenda.

18 Feb 2020
Guild Cottage, The Lee, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Where to buy property in Buckinghamshire

Enviably close to London yet with rural charm, Buckinghamshire is a top choice for those looking to relocate.

13 Feb 2020

That’s Life with comedian Konstantin Kisin

Are we witnessing the end of woke-ism and why did the public love Laurence Fox on Question Time? Konstantin joins Spectator Life’s satirists Andy Shaw and Benedict Spence for a sideways look at the news.

29 Jan 2020

Table Talk with Mark Diacono

Mark Diancono talks to Lara and Olivia about how he turned 17 acres of land into a farm producing Szechuan peppers, mulberries and more.

25 Jan 2020

Where to buy property in France

With French property prices substantially lower than in Britain, we explore the regions best suited to a continental bolthole

9 Jan 2020

Podcast: Table Talk with Prue Leith

Prue Leith on the worst cake she ever made, why she hates washing up, and what she takes away from The Great British Bake Off

8 Jan 2020

Podcast: Table Talk with Kate Young

Kate Young is a food writer and chef, whose cookbooks take recipe inspiration from literary classics, recreating favourite dishes of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and more

6 Jan 2020

The 10 most read articles of 2019

From Jordan Peterson to Grayson Perry, we bring you the articles most loved by readers this year

30 Dec 2019

How to holiday like a Jedi in the USA

Take the force with you on holiday with a visit to the key film locations from Star Wars

26 Dec 2019

Where to buy property in Hertfordshire

 Back to the home counties in our most liveable counties series this month. We’re looking at Hertfordshire. Being so close…

24 Dec 2019

Winter Sun: Gentle Monster Merylnn Sunglasses, £203

Perfect protection from winter sun, whether at home or on the slopes

14 Dec 2019

Party season: Tank Copper Whisky Set, £150

With the party season in full swing, don’t let your glassware let you down

13 Dec 2019

Ready, set, go: Aesop Departure Kit, £45.00

If you’re planning a jet-set year, Aesop have put together this little pick me up travel kit to help you and your skin remain refreshed and rejuvenated en route

12 Dec 2019

Naadam Essential Sweater V Neck: $75

A buttery soft cashmere jumper is a wardrobe basic everyone should have.

11 Dec 2019

Gatecrash with panache (and other tips for surviving the party season)

Joan Collins, Celia Walden and Miss Steerpike reveal how they make it through December’s festivities in one piece

5 Dec 2019

Table Talk: with Max Pemberton

The Daily Mail columnist and medical doctor discusses the cult of clean eating

4 Dec 2019

Where to buy property in Hampshire

The home of Jane Austen boasts picturesque villages and sailors’ boltholes, all within a reasonable commute of London

3 Dec 2019