Le Grand Bellevue’s spa: the jewel in Gstaad’s crown

Gstaad is known as the playground of the superrich. Its famous inhabitants include Bernie Ecclestone, and the Spectator’s own Taki.…

10 Jan 2018

Have we entered the age of the cure?

What keeps health professionals up at night? Well, the pressure on the NHS has never been greater and the crisis…

3 Apr 2017

Can businesses help us to be more healthy?

In recent years the government has looked to industry to help it deliver on public health initiatives. This is particularly…

15 Dec 2016

Check Up: on an unexpected Brexit bonus and the importance of flu jabs

Plus: smoking at an all-time low and the not-so-smart students who take ‘smart drugs’

20 Oct 2016

A massage to India

Our Spa Inspector feels like royalty out the Ananda Spa near Rishikesh

20 Oct 2016

Asian fruit extract could dissolve kidney stones, study suggests

A compound found in citrus fruit can dissolve calcium oxalate crystals, which form the most common kind of human kidney…

10 Aug 2016

Health checkup: on the obesity epidemic, food labelling and overfed toddlers

Plus: asthma’s fashion victims, the burden on GPs, and vitamin D deficiency

5 May 2016

Spa Inpector: Your A-to-ZZZZZ of relaxation

Sleep Retreat at Espa Life spa, Corinthia Hotel London

18 Feb 2016
Sweet tooth: Fact or fiction ?

Health checkup: on the sweet-tooth myth, binge-sleeping and lazy Britain

Plus: prostate cancer policy, children who black out, a heartbeat problem that’s worse for women, and healthy eating

18 Feb 2016

Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body next time you feel peckish

18 Feb 2016

We are becoming a dementia nation

For years, the signs have not been promising. But there may be the beginnings of hope

22 Oct 2015

The surprising gains of weight loss surgery

Bariatric or weight loss surgery has in recent years been hailed as the solution to the obesity epidemic. As more…

22 Oct 2015
Unhealthy attitude

Workplace stress can prove lethal

Past research has shown that stress can increase the risk of health problems like heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease,…

22 Oct 2015
A side order of luteolin

A herbal helper for HRT

In order to counter the unwanted effects of the menopause, millions of women around the world receive hormone replacement therapy…

22 Oct 2015

Drink sweeteners and the real deal

Do ‘diet’ versions of drinks actually work? Switching from sugar to sweetener-flavoured soft drinks is a popular strategy when people…

22 Oct 2015

Dropping off after lunch is good for you

Apparently the siesta — so beloved on the Continent — might actually be good for you. New research has found…

22 Oct 2015

My juice detox

A beautiful clinic. A dramatic programme

22 Oct 2015
Eat nuts, stay sane

Eat healthier foods and don’t go nuts

We all know the benefits of eating a healthy diet for our physical health. It’s been shown to help protect…

22 Oct 2015

Exploring obesity: a Health podcast special

Obesity is not as straightforward as it might seem, and there are many wide-ranging reasons behind it. In this View from…

5 Oct 2015

Check up

  The hidden perils of dining out For many, eating out is associated with a treat. According to a new…

9 May 2015

Check up

  The new risks of reading in bed Did you get an e-reader for Christmas? They have become some of…

21 Feb 2015
Grayshott Spa Surrey

The road to wellville

In recent years the trend for detox programmes has flourished, with hotels and medi-spas quick to cash in on the…

22 Nov 2014

Check up

  You’re still switched on while you sleep For years it has been thought that the brain is relatively inactive…

22 Nov 2014

How do you solve a problem like the NHS? The Spectator asks the experts

So ingrained is the NHS as part of British life that it’s hard to imagine it disappearing. But it can’t…

30 Oct 2014

Well spotted

Continuing our series of undercover reports from the world’s best health spas, our reviewer hopped on a plane to stay…

27 Sep 2014

Peak practice

These days, people don’t simply go on holiday — they combine it with a trip to one of the increasingly popular…

31 May 2014