Crying time

The tears of war

20 Jun 2015

Driven by distraction

If I could have your attention for just one minute please… if you would… all right, half a minute would…

29 Nov 2014

Man out of time

It’s probably my age, but weird things seem to be happening to time. For one thing, it seems to be…

21 Jun 2014

At sea in the world

OK, fair enough: most actors are narcissistic, insecure, frivolous and a bit camp. But they are not stupid. And while…

30 Nov 2013

When Sam met Sam

Recently, the Welsh actor Rhys Ifans made headlines by walking out of an excruciating interview with the Times. Every actor…

21 Sep 2013

Quiet, please

I have recently had a new grandson. I say this almost as if it were a personal achievement, but grandchildren…

22 Jun 2013

From Burgundy To Bastardy

In the world of wine, a word I deplore because of its overuse is ‘passion’. As in ‘a passion for pinot’.…

30 Mar 2013