British actor and satirist John Bird at the typewriter at his home in Chiswick, London,

An expert’s guide to working from home

Like many writers, I have a warm up ritual. I make a fresh pot of coffee, open a window, and attempt to read the entire internet.

17 Mar 2020

It’s time to ditch phones and rewild our dinner parties

Our social gatherings would be far more joyous and unpredictable if we could bear to be without our devices

22 Jan 2020

How to survive Christmas with the in-laws

The way you survive your In Laws is of course the way you survive almost anyone, in Peace Time at…

24 Dec 2019

How “cancel culture” got out of hand

Can anyone remember life before Brexit? In the years immediately BBB (Back Before Brexit), it seemed we were suffering from…

11 Oct 2019