Will the Conservatives’ housing plans work for first-time buyers?

The promise of long-term mortgages and discounted homes comes with a catch

27 Nov 2019

Why we shouldn’t be forced to go cash free

Electronic payments make us more vulnerable to system failures and consumers are easier to track

20 Nov 2019

Will the Conservatives deliver a ban on leaseholds?

Boris Johnson has gone quiet on leasehold reform, which would help aspirant young people with sky-rocketing rents

14 Nov 2019

Are we really in the middle of a property market crash?

The slump in West London house prices is not necessarily indicative of the rest of the UK

7 Nov 2019

How to protect your investments from a Corbyn victory

The odds may only be 9-1 but we should all be hedging against a Corbyn win

31 Oct 2019

What will happen to markets if a Brexit deal is passed?

Any notion of a Brexit bounce has to be weighed against the backdrop of a deteriorating global economy

23 Oct 2019

Help to buy ISAs have done more harm than good

Help to buy ISAs are soon coming to an end but who have they really benefitted?

17 Oct 2019

Is Brexit making homes more affordable?

Brexit is being blamed for many things but a fall in house price inflation should be welcomed

8 Oct 2019

Could ‘helicopter money’ prevent a downturn?

Deutsche Bank has suggested putting free cash into the hands of consumers but, as with quantitative easing, there are risks

2 Oct 2019

How parents will sidestep Labour’s private school tax

Labour has neglected to address the biggest inequality of them all: the school catchment area

24 Sep 2019

Forget the Brexit scaremongering: wages are on the rise

The drop in inflation and the rise in wages is good news for the economy

19 Sep 2019

WeWork’s fall from grace shows why markets get it wrong

Take two property companies, both involved in the same business: renting office buildings, carving them up into smaller spaces and…

13 Sep 2019

Is a change of prime minister good for the markets?

If Boris Johnson’s premiership follows recent historical trends, it should boost the markets

24 Jul 2019

Labour’s leasehold plans won’t help modest earners

For all his socialist talk, Corbyn has a habit of announcing policies that will benefit the rich. His leasehold reforms are no exception

9 Jul 2019

The tragic court case that reveals why you must make a will

If ever there was a tale that should remind you of the advantages of drawing up a will it is…

27 Jun 2019

Will Neil Woodford’s downfall be repeated?

As Neil Woodford shows, fund managers’ luck runs out all too often

21 Jun 2019

Why you shouldn’t hate the little guys who buy-to-let

Most industries have long since been seized by the big guys. Look at coffee shops, once a tapestry of micro…

25 May 2019

Whatever happened to the Brexit property crash?

Whatever happened to the great Brexit property crash? The stock market has been pummelled on occasion since the referendum in…

2 Mar 2019

Loophole Cottage

I have a faint memory that I once came across a property called Loophole Cottage. It was named, I think,…

1 Dec 2018
Modern Corporate Glass Building

Office rentals and hot-desk companies are booming – but for how long?

One morning in 2000 I was taken around the City’s back streets by an estate agent who wanted to show…

6 Oct 2018
Midas touch: Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger

Want to predict the price of gold? Then watch Hollywood films

Wasn’t the point of gold supposed to be to act as a safe haven in times of crisis? That is…

6 Oct 2018

The landlords walking into the great EPC trap

Buy-to-let investors have long occupied a slot in the national consciousness somewhere between arsonists and child molesters. They stand accused…

26 May 2018

A home in a tax haven

If there is one group of people you might think would be celebrating the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, surely it…

3 Mar 2018

Estate agency is a shrinking market

If there was ever an industry crying out to be disrupted, it was estate agency. Forever bottom of the list…

4 Nov 2017

Ground rents are the next housing scandal

Whenever I hear someone bemoan the fact that their home has become ‘worthless’, I know someone else is about to…

30 Sep 2017