WeWork’s fall from grace shows why markets get it wrong

Take two property companies, both involved in the same business: renting office buildings, carving them up into smaller spaces and…

13 Sep 2019

Is a change of prime minister good for the markets?

If Boris Johnson’s premiership follows recent historical trends, it should boost the markets

24 Jul 2019

Labour’s leasehold plans won’t help modest earners

For all his socialist talk, Corbyn has a habit of announcing policies that will benefit the rich. His leasehold reforms are no exception

9 Jul 2019

The tragic court case that reveals why you must make a will

If ever there was a tale that should remind you of the advantages of drawing up a will it is…

27 Jun 2019

Will Neil Woodford’s downfall be repeated?

As Neil Woodford shows, fund managers’ luck runs out all too often

21 Jun 2019

Why you shouldn’t hate the little guys who buy-to-let

Most industries have long since been seized by the big guys. Look at coffee shops, once a tapestry of micro…

25 May 2019

Whatever happened to the Brexit property crash?

Whatever happened to the great Brexit property crash? The stock market has been pummelled on occasion since the referendum in…

2 Mar 2019

Loophole Cottage

I have a faint memory that I once came across a property called Loophole Cottage. It was named, I think,…

1 Dec 2018
Modern Corporate Glass Building

Office rentals and hot-desk companies are booming – but for how long?

One morning in 2000 I was taken around the City’s back streets by an estate agent who wanted to show…

6 Oct 2018
Midas touch: Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger

Want to predict the price of gold? Then watch Hollywood films

Wasn’t the point of gold supposed to be to act as a safe haven in times of crisis? That is…

6 Oct 2018

The landlords walking into the great EPC trap

Buy-to-let investors have long occupied a slot in the national consciousness somewhere between arsonists and child molesters. They stand accused…

26 May 2018

A home in a tax haven

If there is one group of people you might think would be celebrating the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, surely it…

3 Mar 2018

Estate agency is a shrinking market

If there was ever an industry crying out to be disrupted, it was estate agency. Forever bottom of the list…

4 Nov 2017

Ground rents are the next housing scandal

Whenever I hear someone bemoan the fact that their home has become ‘worthless’, I know someone else is about to…

30 Sep 2017

Why buying housebuilders’ shares beats buying houses

Safe as ’ouses, as they say. The housing slump of 2008 seems a long time ago now. Prices across the…

27 May 2017

Risks and rewards of investing in freeholds

Is being a buy-to-let investor just a bit too respectable for you? There’s an alternative: become a landlord’s landlord and…

4 Mar 2017

Property: West London’s ‘satellite city’ is no goldmine for investors

The oligarchs have gone quiet, the bankers who once inhabited Chelsea have been driven to distant suburbs; ordinary people can…

26 Nov 2016

Big boxes are the next growth story

Some time ago my eye was caught by the story of a boy who had taken his father’s credit card…

1 Oct 2016

Buy to build and beat the planners

Buy-to-let is dead — many say — killed off by George Osborne’s stamp-duty hike and withdrawal of tax allowances. Welcome…

21 May 2016

Brexit won’t bring an end to London’s housing boom

To judge by tabloid headlines, there are no two subjects more certain to stir the blood of an Englishman than…

5 Mar 2016

In praise of broom cupboards

Eric Pickles would not make the ideal occupant of the original London broom cupboard — a 60 square-foot former janitor’s…

14 Nov 2015

A boom in naughty weekends

As with the awkward play-off between the possession and consumption of cake, there is a conundrum behind most property investment:…

3 Oct 2015

Why can’t I invest in private landlords?

Here’s an oddity. It might make an essay question for an A-level in personal finance, if there is such a…

23 May 2015

A sugar tax is simply a tax on the poor

Why is it that whenever anyone proposes a tax on the wealthy all hell breaks loose, but when someone proposes…

22 May 2015

Why not buy an office block?

From taxi drivers to hairdressers, half the world seems to own residential buy-to-let property. But why does hardly anyone own…

7 Mar 2015

Is your smartphone making you fat?

Matthew Parris is obsessed by an unsolicited app which landed on his smartphone and which, thanks to GPS tracking, is…

23 Jan 2015