You can hate me as much as you like – it’s not a crime

As a middle-class conservative I get no legal protection

28 Nov 2018

The Pompidou Centre, Paris’s great blemish

From no angle does this ostentatious building fit in with its surroundings, nor did it occur to its architects that it should

19 Sep 2018

Kant vs cant: How liberals lost their way

Liberalism must remember its roots

13 Jun 2018

Wine deserves its place at the heart of civilisation

Philosopher Roger Scruton on what he owes to wine

25 Apr 2018

Big business once cherished workers. Now it exploits them

Victorian capitalists belonged to the same town as those who worked for them. They could not escape the demands of the neighbourhood

21 Feb 2018

Brexit will give us back the countryside, as well as our country

Escaping the Common Agricultural Policy will preserve rural landscapes and lifestyles

29 Nov 2017

As the left surges back, Marxism’s bloody legacy is covered up

Monuments to the victims of fascism exist everywhere, but communism’s victims are hardly remembered at all

26 Sep 2017

How schools fell victim to the attack of the Blob

Mindless ideology is eating away at the soul of our education system

14 Jun 2017

The Russian way of lying

A philosophical perspective on post-Soviet propaganda

23 Mar 2017

What’s the point of education?

Why does the state take an interest in education? The prevailing view, at least since the end of the last…

3 Nov 2016

Labour of the negative

Jeremy Corbyn’s disregard for Parliament is terrible for his party and for our representative democracy

22 Sep 2016

Universities’ war against truth

Having beliefs and expressing them is no longer tolerated and the contagion is spreading

11 Jun 2016

The EU’s problem with Islam

Hiding the truth about migrant crimes shows huge disrespect to most Muslims

23 Mar 2016

Why we need grammar schools

Keeping high culture alive is vital for the preservation of peace and democracy

5 Dec 2015

For Corbyn, it is as if the Berlin Wall never fell

The Labour leader is stuck in the 70s

26 Sep 2015