Five steps to happiness

Like Christmas, Eurovision and tube strikes, it happens too often — a phone call that begins: ‘Hi Patrick. [Name] is…

9 May 2015
Gym won’t fix it: 3 per cent of people become less fit through exercising

Relax, it may never happen

You could have the sculpted physique of David Gandy or Madonna if only you exercised enough, couldn’t you? (Or something…

22 Nov 2014

How to choose a therapist

It’s not always easy assessing the various merits of umpteen therapists, cross-referencing qualifications, experience and specialities, while also, at the…

27 Sep 2014

Keep your hair on

There is, in the pursuit of hirsuteness, a bewilderingly long menu of treatments, with results that range from the near…

31 May 2014