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Ayesha Hazarika

Labour of laughs

Ayesha Hazarika on Gordon Brown’s struggles with diversity training, doing Ed Miliband’s make-up and why Jeremy Corbyn is like a wonky broom

28 Nov 2018

The ‘war’ on cancer is futile. Let’s stop fighting it

Have you ever wondered what illness you would prefer to die of? Cheerful of me, I know. But I’ve been…

8 Jan 2015

I’m with Farage on breastfeeding – we need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood

Let’s get one thing straight. Women have been bringing up children perfectly happily for centuries without breastfeeding them in Claridges.…

6 Dec 2014

Party Time

‘What happens at Fight Club stays at Fight Club,’ said Brad Pitt to Edward Norton in the cult movie. The same closed-door…

22 Sep 2012