The urge to purge

‘Ooh, don’t you feel better after a good clear-out?’ my mother Zelma would ask, rhetorically, after leaning on me heavily…

20 Oct 2016

Repeat offender

I was just as impatient with my late husband… I’m a repeat offender

5 May 2016

Well worried: everyone I know has a cough… they’re all barking

I even thought about applying Vicks Vaporub to the paws of my dog, who’s been coughing for five months

18 Feb 2016

My nail-bar nightmare

I just needed some flashy fingers for my new sitcom. I got more than I bargained for

22 Oct 2015

At your convenience

Hotel based disorientation, two-way mirrors, and the slow evolution of our loo lives.

9 May 2015

Migraine mysteries

Since I relinquished my Sunday-night Chinese takeaway — with emphasis on the seaweed starter and crispy duck pancakes — I can honestly…

21 Feb 2015

Banished from Nod

My morning conversation with my partner routinely begins: ‘Did you sleep?’ In response, by phone, by text or at close…

22 Nov 2014

Stepping out

I seem to have developed a propensity for falling over. Sometimes it is dramatic, as it was on stage the…

27 Sep 2014

Mind games

Addressing an audience at the Second Half of Your Life Centre recently, I described myself as a 67-year-old (77 if…

31 May 2014