Silver linings: the asset that’s outperforming gold

The one-third rise in the price of silver in July was its strongest single month in more than 40 years

8 Oct 2020

The green boom might be a bubble

It would have been great if you got in early. Over the past year shares in a small company called…

5 Mar 2020

A US-UK free trade agreement will bring benefits on both sides of the Atlantic

Drugs, food, drink, fashion and media will all benefit from a US-UK trade deal

28 Nov 2019

Foreign takeover bids prove Brexit Britain is flourishing

A political system in meltdown and the threat of a Corbyn government should have made investors fearful. But they haven’t

3 Oct 2019
Extinction Rebellion protestors in Piccadilly last month

Boycotting energy companies won’t solve climate change

They pollute the planet. They are turning global warming into a catastrophe. And they are taking humanity to the brink…

25 May 2019

Believe in the post-Brexit bounce

There will be some slightly heavy traffic on the M20. A Waitrose somewhere will run out of freshly cut Dutch-grown…

2 Mar 2019

Don’t despair – there’s hope for the high street yet

Business rates keep rising. The online giants keep on expanding. The living wage has pushed up staff costs in what…

1 Dec 2018

Is the current stock market a load of bull?

The roaring twenties. The booming sixties. The Asian tigers of the 1970s and 1980s, and the dot-com bubble of the 1990s. Every investor is well aware that there have been some great bull markets over the past 100 years…

6 Oct 2018

Meet the ‘Fangs’, the stock to sink your teeth into

They steal your data, and manipulate it for their own ends. They destroy local shops and small companies. They are…

26 May 2018
The markets react as the Dow Jones recorded its largest one-day points fall in history last month

Back to frontiers

There are several mantras that experienced investors use to guide themselves through the markets. ‘Sell in May and go away’…

3 Mar 2018

Scrap this stamp duty spiral

On balance, history will be kind to George Osborne’s six years as Chancellor. He stabilised an economy that was in…

30 Sep 2017

Changing gear

Factories in the north will be shuttered up. Ports will be clogged with lines of Land Rovers and Minis completing…

27 May 2017

Watch out for the Trump slump

So far, so good. Wall Street was among the keenest backers of Hillary Clinton in her doomed attempt to win…

4 Mar 2017

Sector Watch: Why digital Britain will be another Brexit winner

Start-ups departing for Berlin and Barcelona; brilliant ‘fintech’ firms left stranded outside the single market; games designers scratching their hipster…

26 Nov 2016
Onwards and upwards: an end to Brexit uncertainty has boosted market conditions for housebuilders

The post-Brexit building boom

Interest rates rocketing back to 1990s levels. Foreign investment funds fleeing for Frankfurt and Paris. The pound in free-fall, and…

1 Oct 2016
What goes up: Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket is also capable of landing and being reused

The new space race

Imagine you were lucky enough to assemble Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon; Paul Allen, co-founder with Bill Gates of Microsoft;…

21 May 2016
Post-Brexit banquet: Argentinian beef, best served with South African wine

How to invest for Brexit

A collapse in trade. British goods locked out of their biggest export market. Car factories shut down after swingeing new…

5 Mar 2016
Yes, yes, yes: Margaret Thatcher campaigning before Britain’s last European referendum in 1975

Bray new world

The City will crumble as major banks decamp for Frankfurt and Paris. Japanese car makers will rip up their British…

14 Nov 2015

After the Brics, the real growth story

As acronyms go, it wasn’t quite up there with Abba, named after the four founders of Sweden’s greatest export. For…

3 Oct 2015
A sudden glut: the shale revolution has come at a time when western oil demand is falling

Big Oil: not over yet

It was the kind of megadeal that sets pulses racing in the City. When in early April the oil giant…

23 May 2015

How to win the telecoms war game

Aficionados of early 1980s teen movies will remember with affection WarGames, starring Matthew Broderick as a teenage hacker who accidentally…

7 Mar 2015

Sleeping with the enemy

With its mix of charity shops, pound stores and boarded-up windows, the typical British high street could hardly look worse…

8 Nov 2014