Mary Wakefield is commissioning editor of The Spectator.

Arne Jacobsen cutlery from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

As seen on screen: where to find iconic objects from classic movies

How a sinister carpet from The Shining inspired a thriving business

28 Nov 2018

Maggi Hambling: ‘You can’t make art without love’

The outspoken artist talks to Mary Wakefield about letting go, drinking in Soho — and why we should be rude to friends

19 Sep 2018
BAE Systems’s Taranis, an armed, unmanned combat aerial vehicle which can fly unseen by radar and fire on targets on land or in the air

We cannot afford to sit back and watch: robot wars are something to fear

From Lethal Autonomous Weapons to tiny nano-drones, the warfare technology in development is thoroughly alarming

20 Sep 2017

The real reason GPs are grumpy: the robots are coming for them

There’s something wrong with the relationship between patients and their GPs. I’ve spent much of this winter in my local…

15 Jan 2015

Mars in his eyes

Would you follow Elon Musk to the Red Planet?

30 Nov 2014

Trouble Building

On the first-floor landing of my new house stood Martin the structural engineer, giving an inch-wide crack the sort of…

21 Jun 2014

Back to bespoke

Did you know we were in the middle of another industrial revolution? Perhaps, like me, you’ve been too busy fretting…

30 Nov 2013

A Stitch in Time

In a few days, I’ll have been married for six months — so we’ll drain a few bottles of red,…

23 Jun 2012